Coloressence Water Proof Cake Eyeliner Tourquish Blue


Hi beauties ,

Today I will be reviewing a cake eyeliner by Coloressence. Well this brand was first introduced to me by the shopping guides on Homeshop18 😀 I spent my last year summer vacations watching this channel only 😛 But anyways, when googled there weren’t much review regarding their products as this is comparatively a new brand. Coloressence is the cosmetics range from the Naturessence, whose anti tan cream we all love a lot :heart:

Coloressence Water Proof Cake Eyeliner Turquish Blue review+ coloressence

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This is my first ever cake eyeliner, before this I was always intrigued by the idea of using a cake eyeliner, and wondered how the results would be like.

The shade I got is Tourquish Blue, which is a pretty matte teal blue shade, but on my lids it almost looks green with a hint of blue (not blue with a hint of green 😛 ) in natural light, here in the flash pics , you can see how it actually looks like.

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Coloressence Water Proof Cake Eyeliner Turquish Blue review+ coloressence cake eyeliner

About Coloressence Water Proof Cake Eyeliner Tourquish Blue

Price : INR 285/- (

Shade available : black & blue

Quantity : 5gms

Shelf life : 2yrs

Claims & Ingredients  :-

Coloressence Water Proof Cake Eyeliner Turquish Blue review+ blue cake eyeliner

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Active ingredients :- Bees wax, Citrus Bergamia Extract, Carrot Seed Extract

The cake eyeliner comes in a round black flat plastic pot, the packaging isn’t clumsy but just okay and boring types with a see through plastic lid. All this comes within a cardboard packing.

Coming back to the cake ‘eyeliner’ , this isn’t a product that I would invest for ‘eyeliner’ sake, but maybe for a matte eyeshadow I might. This is a pure matte eye product.

If I may call it an eyeshadow, then it is a nice matte eyeshadow, with a decent pigmentation. If I use it as a eyeliner, then using a wet brush or wetting this liner in the pan got me confused (am I making sense ? :cute: )

I couldn’t get hang of it until I tried using it 2-3 times. Here’s my working experience with it 😉 :-

  • 1st time :- I wet my brush in a drop of duraline, and mixed it with the liner in its pan, to my horror, all of the duraline got absorbed into the liner :O , I was like what am  I supposed to mix it with because it drank the duraline 😡 , hence no application …
  • 2nd time :- I applied a thin line of duraline along my lashline ( I don’t know if its supposed to be used directly or not ?:-) ) on top of it I gently brushed this dry cake eyeliner and then it stay put for around 2 hrs easily and then faded also it got transferred on my socket area. Using duraline did help in popping out the color, though I’m still confused why did it smudge and transfer onto my lids :-/
  • 3rd time :- I dampen my liner brush in a drop of water, mixed-squeeshed-squashed it onto the cake eyeliner to get a thick “paste” sort of concentrate on my brush, and brushed it along my eyes. Using it along with water, of course helped me a bit, but the color wasn’t that bright enough. Secondly, it isn’t water proof or sweat proof, so this one can’t be worn out when you’re going to spend your whole day in sun or in rains :umbrella: Although normally it stays on eyes for 2-3 hrs and starts fading and losing intensity.
  • As eyeshadow, it looks good when layered onto some base to stick onto. Otherwise, on its own it’s a hard color to build up because if not blended properly it tends to get patchy. But staying power is again ok-ish.

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Coloressence Water Proof Cake Eyeliner Turquish Blue review+ eyeliner swatches

Coloressence Water Proof Cake Eyeliner Turquish Blue review+ coloressence cake eyeliner swatch

I’ve applied this using inglot duraline as a base and then on top of it I brushed this cake eyeliner :-

Coloressence Water Proof Cake Eyeliner Turquish Blue review+ coloressence cake eyeliner

See it still got transferred onto the socket.  A tutorial coming soon in which I have used this eyeliner as an eyeshadow.

Final verdict :-

Its a middling product, and doesn’t sticks to its claim of being water proof, as it loses its intensity upon the application only, and moreover worse if you sweat or face a down pour. Can be used as a matte eyeshadow, although I love the vivid teal color, I would not really recommend it to anyone, because you can add more bucks and purchase gel eyeliner which serves as eyeshadow base too.

Have you used Colorressence cake eyeliners ??

Godbless ! :-*

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  1. Arey sad yr .. I was hoping to buy this in black just to get the feel of cake eyeliners .. Now I’ll buy something else … 🙂 But nice review ..

  2. Yes, I did the Black one. I use it as eyeshadow too. Very pigmented, though a bit difficult to blend. Overall, I like it. :-))

  3. Upsi I wants t try this out UT them tought it’s like the Kryolan one I had so decided to wait fr them t introduce some new ColorS…I guess nowi won’t….not worth it..


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