Colorful Seasons Straightener by HerStyler Review


By Neha Vashisht


I have been so stuck up in my busy schedule, got no time to fulfill my promise of writing a review of my hair straightener. And trust me I have been wanting to do that for quite sometime.

Women with frizzy hair are going to love this product! My hair is frizzy mostly. So you can mostly take my word for it 🙂


colorful straightener herstyler


I bought my hair straightener in a mall in one of those kiosks that you might find one week and not the other. It is from a brand called Herstyler. And the range is called Colorful Seasons. This is an american brand.

It can be bought from Amazon here 

It is a ceramic flat iron. If you use hair straighteners often you might already know that ceramic flat irons are the best available in the market after perhaps the tourmaline ones. I have not happened to use a tourmaline iron yet but they are supposed to be the best. And very expensive :-P.

But I must say that my ceramic iron is so good and safe on hair, I don’t see the need to even look for other products.

This press makes the hair smooth and silky. Even the driest of hair look smooth and silky after using it. I have a before and after picture for you to compare.


herstyler straightener usage


I used to have a iron plate straightener before but they take so long and the results are nowhere near those from the herstyler. The results you see in the picture have been achieved in 20 mins. Considering the length and thickness of my hair, that’s quite an achievement. And honestly I was very tired when I pressed them for this review. So you could probably see a wave or two but don’t blame it on the press, its my sluggishness 😛

The technical specifications –

  • Adjustable temperature
  • 110-120V 60Hz. India has 50Hz, so need a converter here.

Here is a list of things you would love or hate about this product.


What I like about Colorful Seasons Straightener by HerStyler:-


  • Least damage to hair compared with other hair presses available in the market. (Except may be tourmaline; I am not sure)
  • The design is ergonomic, which means no matter how long your hair is.. your hand won’t hurt pressing them. It is very comfortable while holding.
  • Oh the look! I love the colors they had. It was so hard to decide on one.
  • One doesn’t have to wait for the press to warm up. Plug it and start using. Takes 20 seconds to reach the desired temperature.
  • Because the press is so effective, the entire hair pressing process becomes really fast.
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • They even have really small ones also (called mini) , which are best for pressing hair just close to the root. But its not a necessary product.
  • Love the little bag they give for keeping the press. It’s the same color as the press 😉 and very convenient during travels.


What I don’t like about Colorful Seasons Straightener by HerStyler:-


  • I bought it in the US. So need a converter. I actually had to look a lot before I found one that works.
  • It is $200 on herstyler’s website. But from the kiosk, I could buy one in $100. Still not cheap 😛
  • May not be available in India.

I love it and recommend it to everyone.

Let me know if the review helped. Have a great day sweethearts.

Have you tried Colorful Seasons Straightener by HerStyler?

Rating – 5/5

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  1. Shocked to see the price as $22. Its $200 on their website. But for $22, I think all the girls should buy one. I am guessing even with the shipping added to the product, its worth buying!

  2. I love straight hairs but m very scared of these heating tools 🙁 🙁 bdw. very nice to see such effect! nice review dear 🙂


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