Common Myths About Bridal Jewellery


Common Myths About Bridal Jewellery

Hello Ladies,

Any summer bride out there? Well even if you are not getting hitched this summer maybe in the winters! Who knows? I am sure there are so many of you who must be looking forward to the weddings planned later this year! Well, this post is mainly for all those soon to be brides who are still taking it slow and have not set a date to get a legal license to annoy their partners for the rest of their lives!

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Today we are talking about bridal jewellery which is very important for any bride because just like her bridal ensemble, the jewellery too should be exquisite and in sync with the bridal lehenga you choose to buy for your special day! Read 10 Best Looks Of Kareena Kapoor In Lehenga

I have heard so many myths related to jewellery which shopping for the wedding or engagement! And honestly these things don’t get down too well for me! Here I have some of the most common myths associated with bridal jewellery which I have heard from others & from my own experience as well! Best Bridal Accessories You Can Use For A Long Time

Matching Jewellery

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While it is a very commonly prevailing notion that your wedding jewellery should match the shades of your bridal wear! I mean if you pick something you like, why the hell to bother whether it matches the embroidery or mirror work on your wedding wear!

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Most of the jewellery designers firmly believe that contrast jewellery creates a much more lasting impact on the onlookers and you too must think of it as a choice ahead of your time so that after many years you look at your wedding photos and wonder that I could have opted for a different bridal jewellery! 20 Oxidized Silver Jewellery Pieces You Must Buy

Only Traditional Jewellery

While you may get to hear it from your aunts in the family to buy traditional ornaments & bridal jewellery only! It is also not essential because what difference does it make if you too are buying similar designs what it trending for the wedding season!

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I am sure every girl wants her look to stand out on her special day! So for a change a modern take on jewellery could also be a welcome change for bridal jewellery and seeing you opting for bold choices, others too will follow!

Heavy & Over The Top Jewellery

This I got to hear when I was shopping for my own reception as why are you wearing so less and that you will not get to wear so much jewellery in another function later so wear it now!

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Well, guess what it is totally okay to wear minimalist jewellery and let your natural look, and bridal makeup do the rest of the talking!

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Remember Less is More so follow the rule and try to blend a perfect bridal look. If you are choosing heavy earrings, keep the studded choker and do not layer it further. If you are up for a heavy matha-patti or jhoomar pasa, let your earrings be medium sized to let them stand out!

Wear Jewellery On Every Body Part

Do not over do any body part or try to wear a jewellery on each body part because that is not a pleasant sight! I have seen brides going crazy with bridal jewellery shopping and it sometimes becomes so hard for them to manage everything along with the lehenga! I remember seeing a bride who has practically elaborate jewellery on every part of her body and that to heavy chunky jewellery!

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She was a gorgeous girl but all of this spoilt her bridal look and I just felt sad as it was her choice to look like a jewellery exhibition dummy on her own Wedding Day!!

If you are wearing armlets, wear light bangles! If wearing heaving statement bangles refrain from wearing armlets & baajuband altogether and let your mehendi adorned beautiful hands see the light of the day!

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Well, I hope you too agree with the above point as mere common myths and believe its is up to you what you wish to wear whether it matches or you wish to carry a different non-traditional look!


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