Common reasons of childhood obesity

Childhood obesity was heard in few countries but it is now spreading in whole world including India. The problem is getting worse day by day and as parents you don’t feel like stopping your child from eating things which he or she is fond off.
There are several reasons which make kids overweight .Few of the prominent reasons are:-
1. With high expectation and increasing competition most of the kids are stressed out .Stress increases kids weight as it cause fat cells to multiply.
2. There are various chemicals which are present in processed food, cereals and soda nowadays. Toxins present in the chemicals make kids gain weight easily.
3).Earlier we kids were interested in playing sports but now they are interested in watching  it .There is so much of easy distraction available for kids in the market such as computer and television that playing remains their last priority.
Parents should take their kids for bike ride of a hike or take out time to play basket ball with them or any sport of their choice.
4. Most of the time we don’t realize but we give our kids so much of sugar loaded food and kids end up eating large amount of sugar directly and indirectly which leads to weight gain.
As a parent one should not make their kids feel worse about their problem than what they already do. Treat your kid with lot of love and be always be kind and gentle with them .Be a companion of your kid and show some compassion to them.
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  1. When I was a kid I use to weight for the evening so that I could go out and play.It doesnt seem exciting to kids now at all.


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