Concealer For Indian Skin – Suggestions


Saumya asks,

I find it difficult to get a concealer for my skin tone as I am half Indian .I have olive skin tone which is on the dry skin side.Suggestion from Indian girls wills be the best idea I believe.So help ladies.


concealor for indian skin suggestions


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      • am visiting my sis in singapore… so am MIA..just happened to log in today ,,, u know i spent two hrs un seohora yesterday ???i went a lil crazy but bought only a cleanser ,, was soooo tempted to get stuff but i resisted ,,, i saw the mac glamour daze collection … not too impressive,,, it has fluidlines which will just not work as eyeliners!

  1. I dont personally like MAC Concealers much… one of my pet peeves. I love the new Maybelline Dream Lumitouch in Honey. It is one of the few concealers which works for my skin.

  2. I would strongly recommend the Kyolan Derma Color. They have a very wide array of shades and once you master the trick of blending it does an amazing job!
    Btw, it cheap as well. 350 bucks!!


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