Concealer Tips For Dark Skin Tones


Concealer tips for Dark skin tones

Concealer, as we have discussed many a times, is the basic requirement of any makeup and one needs to apply it with care before the makeup sets in. To choose a right concealer is much more important and one needs to be cautious while choosing a concealer. Every skin has different needs and there is no ambiguity in adjudging the right concealer for yourself.

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One should always be sure of the undertone of one’s skin to ensure that the concealer bought is the right deal. Believe me dark-skinned people need to be extra careful as the skin might radiate wrong colors once you apply a wrong concealer. If you have a warm undertone, always go for a golden or orange base concealer to ensure that the purchase is correct. If you have a brown skin or even darker tone, you are advised to use the concealer of the same color as yours. On a general note, it is better to choose a concealer which is one to two shades darker than your original skin tone so that it actually is able to hide the dark circles.

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After you have purchased the right concealer you should also know the right way to apply the concealer. One should not apply a dark and thick layer of it as it may lead to your dark skin tone appearing even darker. To avoid this, as many beauty experts suggest, one should apply a layer of foundation first and then apply a layer of concealer to avoid pulling out a thick layer.

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Under-Eye Area

Specifically for the under eye area, one needs to be careful and apply the concealer in right way. We have already highlighted the triangle shaped finger pats instead of dotted dabs directly from the concealer. This way the dark circles are covered entirely and the opaqueness of the circles is not visible. If you have a lot of dark circles, please ensure your concealer is very much right in quantum neither too thick nor too dry to ensure that it is applied very well. One should dab the concealer in light and right quantities as the skin underneath the eyes is thin and softer.

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Also, for blemishes and dark spots, one should try and cover the same with concealer in lighter quantities just enough to cover them thoroughly. Use of fingers for patting the concealer is always better than dabbing it on with the concealer itself.

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Apart from the brand, quality and color of the concealer, you should always ensure the type of concealer also. This is so because, out of the three forms stick, cream and powder, stick form is not easy to blend and is therefore not very successful in covering dark tones of harder nature. The powdered ones are also usually fine with lighter dark spots only. The creamy one is everyone’s favorite as it blends easily and is also easy to apply because of its tube packaging.

Style cream CONCEALER

The brand and quality of the concealer is also very important as it always does not hold true that the brand which is popular is always because of its quality and we should ensure that we do not use any concealer because of its name. We should try and test the concealer and then only go for the purchase.

Did you know these concealer tips?

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