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                                                  Home remedies for constipation
Constipation is difficult bowel movement or infrequent bowel movement. Not having normal bowel movement leads to constipation.  Constipation leads to more than half of the diseases in the body and it is very necessary to treat this symptom. To be free from various diseases one should have free and normal stools. Like we take care and clean our skin from outside, our body needs to be clean from inside as if you’re clean and disease free from inside it reflects outside on your whole personality. Everyone experiences constipation at some time in their lives. But nowadays this problem is increased due to our faulty lifestyles.
Let’s discuss below the causes of constipation, constipation symptoms and natural remedies for constipation
Causes of constipation
As the digested food moves through our colon, the colon absorbs nutrients and water from it, forming the stool to be eliminated. Muscle contractions help the stool to move further and get eliminated from the body.
Constipation usually occurs when too much water has been absorbed by the colon and the stools get dry and hard. The muscles find it difficult to pass them through the colon. When a person is constipated the stools will usually be dry, hard, small in size, and very difficult and painful to eliminate. When we generally talk about hairfall and acne prone skin conditions these are also caused by improper functioning of your digestive system. 

Some reasons which can lead to chronic constipation:-
1)      Poor diet and lifestyle faulty eating and sleeping habits.
2)      Lack of fibre in food
3)       Not taking adequate quantity of water and fluids.
4)      Excessive consumption of milk and dairy products.
5)      Due to some antibiotics or overuse of pain killers etc….
6)      Dehydration
7)       Frequent Long distance traveling
8)      No physical activity
9)      Postponing having a bowel movement when the urge arises.
10)  Eating excessive non vegetarian, fried, fast foods.
11)  Consuming excessive of tea and coffee leads to acidity and poor digestion.
12)  Improper functioning of liver.
As said above, like we clean our skin everyday our body needs to be cleaned everyday.
Natural remedies for constipation are:-
1) Constipation generally can be cured by simple changing our eating , sleeping habits and bringing a disciplinary change in our lifestyles.
2) Taking proper food containing fiber is of utmost importance like including green leafy vegetables, salads ( spinach, fenugreek, cabbage etc…)  in your daily diet then fruits ( papaya, guava, apples, oranges etc…) restrict bananas to minimum as also lead to constipation,  whole grain cereals all are very good to cure constipation.
3) Even 4-5 tsp of amla and aloe vera juice mixed with equal quantity of warm water clears your bowel movement. In case of acidity take only about 2 tsp of amla juice. You can also take amla juice alone.
4) Triphala power or churna is the age old remedy for constipation. Take 1-2 tsp of triphala powder with warm water in the night before sleeping and in the morning you will have normal bowel movement. But don’t overtake it as this can effect your colon.
5) Psyllium husk popularly known as isabgol is considered very good for constipation. You can take 1-2 tsp with warm milk or water in the night. This will not affect your colon like triphala.
6) Alone fiber cannot help you need to take enough liquid too.. and the best is plain water, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday and juice of fruits and vegetables also helps. Even vegetable soups before meals help in digestion.
7)  Making habit of drinking 1-2 glasses of hot water first thing in the morning helps to improve your digestion and clean bowel movement.
8) A glass of warm water with half or one lemon juice with a pinch of salt, or mixing lemon and honey juice in the morning also helps in constipation. People with acidity should consume these acidic content things in less quantity.
9)  A good constipation remedy is to exercise regularly. At least go for walks regularly.
10) Keep sufficient time aside for bowel movements; do not just rush through the process.
11) If you are on medication and suspect it of causing constipation, ask your physician. If that is the cause, the physician could replace the medication.
12) Ripe bael fruit is regarded as best of all laxatives. It cleans and tones up the intestines. It should not be taken at a stretch. It is very effective home remedy for constipation.
13) Chewing the food fully and slowly. Helps in digestion.
14)Take castor oil 1-2 tsp in warm milk also helps in aiding digestion and clean bowel movement.
15) The easiest way is to fix proper timing of eating food in a day and at regular intervals would never lead to any problem.
16)   Don’t eat too heavy food in the evening or salads as this take time to digest, so it is always better to have salads in morning or afternoon.
17) Certain improvement in small habits and food intake would keep you away from this problem for the lifetime.
The above remedies would not only help you in improving digestion and clear bowel movement, but would also help you in achieving clean and clear skin, healthy body and hair by cleaning your body of the waste.
P.S people suffering from other advanced stages of constipation should consult their doctors immediately.
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