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  1. hii anamika,
    im 1 of ur followers, ive seen u using MAC cosmetics n othrs a lot which is gr8, bt have u ever tried COASTAL SCENTS cosmetics?? dey hav auwsome palletes n gr8 pay off, dey ship internationally 2.. I jst wanted u 2 do a review on dem , coz i was planning 2 buy loads of item 4m dem.. Bt jst check dem out @, ull njoy. take care..loads of love 😀

  2. hi anamika … am from tamil nadu(chennai). am facing hair ingrowth problems… could you suggest some body scrubs for me (brands, as i dont have time to make them at home).also will using the body shop exfoliating gloves help as read in your blog ..;) kindly help….

  3. hi.. anamika … also could you review some khadi products … thanks … am not sure where to find them in chennai .. but my friends in kolkatta … seems to like the brand… thanks …

  4. hii anamika,
    jst had a question , u might b 25+ or 30 bt u still hav wonderful skin :secret: , correct me if im wrong bt do u use more of natural remedies 4 ur face except moisturizer, or u use some sort of creams 4 ageing , was jst curoius 2 knw. do reply.& thanx soo mch 4 ur amazing care loads of love. 😀

  5. Hi Shaz,

    i am near about 25 and i take care of my skin with lots of love.

    i use moisturizer, home made as well as organic face packs from outside..

    i dont use any aging creams thought i am trying to get in the habit.:)

    i do deep cleansing of my skin which has been covered here which keep my skin glowing 🙂

  6. hey anamika,
    im 1 of ur followers,,,i live in ksa bt m 4m india,hyd..m 21..i did golden facial once n coz of dat i got open pores near my cheeks n m hatin it 🙁 …i even have darkcircles n blemishes,,,will u pls suggest me sum cream 4 open pores,blemishes,n darkcircles ..which do not hav ny side effectss…bt nt a natural remedy coz it takes tymm n m 2 lazzzy ..i do it 4 sumdays n den leavee 😀 me outtt plssss.. thanxxx :-))

  7. hi anamika, i heard a lot about skin food (skin care line from korea i guess)
    will you do a review on that? also have you ever purchased products from, please let me know.thanks

  8. oh my goodness, that was the quickest reply i ever got, unbelievable.
    thanks for that, also please mention how can i request product reviews from
    you and your team?

  9. अनामिका..बहुत मेहनत से लिखती हैं आप… 🙂

  10. Hi shaz, i will tell you on my experience :-)) you can write the whole article in MS word and mail it to [email protected].
    you can include the description under various parts like price , ingredients, product’s claim, your experience with the product, then pros and cons of the product. Add a few picture of the product and its swatch or other relevant things and pics.
    This is how I give rviews to wiseshe, rest you can always add or remove information…… anamika is very generous in that 😛

  11. Hii….!!! I like ur tipes these r sooo usefull…. :yes: :yes: i ve a question… :-)) my knee’s colour is so dull… 🙁 🙁 🙁 .. can u plz tell me any solution for it…!!!!!

  12. hey anamika..can u plz help me with my pimple marks problem..i have mailed my pics to u…plzz suggest me some homeremedies….thank u :beauty:

  13. hey anamika, cn u tel me if v cn take individual vitamin capsules like vit A, Vit E, vit C or multi vitamin tablets daily ?:-) scared 4 side effects :-/ 🙁

  14. hyii.. i read a lots of their about products… but i wan 2 know best Face wash, body wash nd foundation fr normal to dry skin….!!!
    i used a lot of products bt can’t find anyone perfect… plzz help me out 😐 😐 😐

  15. hi i have question to all the members and followers of this blog, i want to know “a good fairness cream for EVERYDAY USE, with spf and without spf”.
    Its not that i want to get fair overnight or something but would love to use a product that will diminish the dark marks and scars,thankyou

  16. hi!!!
    m getting married n i hv bought revlon foundation n face powder (ivory)
    i hv got a very fair skin.
    plz guide me fr dese basic steps of make up
    would love to c ur reply:)

  17. Hi Anamika..I am a regular reader of ur blog..first, I want to thank u for all the reviews here coz they help me a lot to decide what is worth purchasing and what is not..Dear, I want a favour from u..I read a review about stuff written by Mitra here and I ordered makeup stuff worth nearly $28..can u plz tell me how much duty I’ll have to pay to recieve my things..plz do reply..thank u..u r doing a great job..bye tc 🙂

  18. 🙂 yippeeeeeeeeeeeee..that means I wont have to pay more……thank a lot anamika and meenu………..ur reply means a lot to me……..such darlings!! :-*

  19. hi anamika … jus a small doubt … want your opinion about foundations… which one is better revlon new complexion foundation or lakme skin lightening foundation ? 😉

  20. hi,… anamika … desperatley need your help … a friend of mine gifted me the revlon skinlights in peach light …. i already have revlon new complexion foundation which i bought as you suggested … so how do i use these two … can i use skinlights after i apply foundation or before … help… ?:-) ?:-) 😕 😕 🙂

  21. helloooozzz anamika….i am an avid reader of ur blog…infact i am literally addicted to it now…u hav taught m so much..thnk u <3

    today i hope u can help m with 1 thing…. i'm in search of a foundation/compact ….that covers my red acne scar(just 2 but they dont gooo away…any suggestion?)n open pores…i have combination sensitive skin with an oily shiny nose…also i need it for my college n i'm only 19 so i want a natural dewy finish….any recos???..also should i go for compacts or foundations?/( i read the reviews f both biotique n ponds tm n dey dnt provide coverage for any1)..

    thnak u soo much…pleaseee reply soon

  22. Hi Anamika,

    Congrats on maintaining such a great blog.
    I came across the blog when browsing the net today. The information present the blog is huge but really really informational.

    I have a request. I am 29 years residing in Bangalore and have a combination skin which becomes oily in summers. Can you please suggest me a good cleaner, toner, moisturizer for my skin type. I am really confused on what products to buy for my skin type. I generally end up buying up wrong products and wasting money.

    Also if possible please suggest a good day cream. Can lactocalamine be used as a moisturizer.

    Apologies for posting a lot of queries but I would really appreciate if you could please take out some time and reply to my queries.


  23. Hey Anamika I just mailed you something!! :suspense: Do check it out!! 🙂
    Will wait for your reply!! :fingersxd:


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