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I always wanted to learn Kim kardishan contouring .The way she cheats razor sharp cheek bones is just amazing. Thanks to her, I realized  its importance and how contouring helps in accentuating the features you feel are most prominent


Kim kardishan contouring guide


I still think I need to put more effort to get the perfection but I thought of sharing with you what all tips and tricks I am following to get the right look. I have seen Chitranganda and Bipasha following somewhat similar techniques and looking amazingly sexy .



Contoruing Kim Kardishan look how to do contouring


You need two foundations in this technique. You can use cream or liquid foundation what ever you are comfortable with. One shade of the foundation should be lighter and another should be a little darker than your skin tone. As  I wasn’t sure if I will be able to get it right I got a foundation palette from ebay which has many shades so with some trial and testing I zeroed in on two shades.

  • Highlight – The foundation which is lighter than your skin tone should be applied on your forehead, down your nose, brow bone area,  under eyes and cheekbones .It also should be applied on the nostrils which some how skipped from my mind. I later did that while blending the foundation and it’s not shown in the picture above. Don’t forget to highlight the centre of your chin as well.
  • Contouring  – Here you need to focus on bottom arch of the cheek(Just below the area where you have highlighted your cheek bones).It should also cover your jaw line, your hairline, side of your nose and temples.
  • Blending – This is the step where you can go horribly wrong.Using a larger blending brush, begin blending the lines together.Don’t mix them up just follow the line.Trick here is you use soft strokes for this I hold my brush from far end.Use a large blending brush .I prefer using MAC 188 small duo fibre brush for this .
  • Blush  – Apply blush to the apple of your cheeks.
  • Eye makeup and lipstick – You can do eye makeup before or after depending upon on your preference.


Contoruing Kim Kardishan look how to do contouring


Below are the product used for the above makeup


Contouring Indian skin


In India people are just obsessed with fairness where whole world dies for a beautiful tan. Instead of trying to look fair, just try this technique and all those people obsessed with fairness will compliment you for looking beautiful. Just play with your features with confidence.

Indian Contouring guide

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  1. oh yeah!!! you are so getting there…I love the look and the angles…it makes one look slimmer…especially with a face like mine…you dont need a compass to draw the circle around mine 🙂

  2. Thank you …i am so loving the contouring nowadays albeit process takes lot of time but once done its worth it..

    My face now considerable looking little thin than before after following Protein diet..u aware of it ?

  3. ghosh.. u are a pro in this mak eup world.. now it seems like i am not even born in this makeup world yet… 😛

  4. Lovely work!!! gr8 endeavour, you have blended the highlighter soo nicely, it looks soo natural and gorgeous!! this post makes me feel as if i am reading a post from some very experienced makeup artist, !! :yes:

    • awww..Thanks Taps..You made my day..I have been fascinated with contouring since long ..It’s just trying out Kim Kardishan look was little challenging.

  5. Hey Ana..this is fantastic! btw how is the 15 color concealer palette in terms of giving coverage? does it photograph well? does is causes break out? i want to give this palette a shot but scared about the quality since its from china

    • Hi Parita,
      Concealor palette is fine in quality. It photographs well and didn’t break me out .Coverage is fine but i am not sure of the quality.I will never use it on daily basis..It’s little on the thicker side so I have used it only in wedding or functions.

  6. Ana
    Lukin grt as usual
    I was abt to tell u that ur face has narrowed down and ur chin is quite prominent now

    Me too lost 12 kgs with low carb high protein diet. My face now has thinned now so much like urs

    Grt going. Contouring btw looks amazing on u

    • Congrats Vidhya…12kg is so huge..If I lose 12kg i will be under weight but i want to lose 7-8 kgs more.My dream is to flaunt a bikini near a beautiful pool and fit into a 26 jeans..

      will you mind sharing your diet plan as i was a veggie before so do get confused making protein dishes.

  7. Ana , your jawline luks sexy 🙂 . Credits to your protein diet and flawless contoring !
    I can bet you can actually take your skills to the next level of bridal makeup and helping them to look perfect on their special day :yes: !
    I am gonna try this for sure 🙂

  8. Wow Ana ! Contouring done so well , you are a actually a pro , I Totally am gonna come there and learn all this from you *winks* I am scared to even try all this out !

    Superb ya!

    And what is this protein diet please tell me na , I desperately need to lose weight before my di’s wedding in november.

      • Ana, i checked out the blog that you mentioned ! I am trying to push roti out of my meals slowly. But what protein options do I have when m an eggitarian ? Pulses seem to have higher carbs than proteins as per Tanz. I have been eatin scrambled eggs since 2 days , its so monotonous !

  9. Oh. U hv explained it beautifully.
    I dont hv foundations to try this.
    But i want to try as it may make my face a bit slimmer
    Loved ur fotd Ana

  10. contouring just completes the whole look. i have used almost all possible contouring products available in the market. i love using maybelline bb stick for highlighting over foundation and then i apply mac studio fix powder in darkest shade for contouring n for blending purpose 187brush is perfect. i prefer making it more intense by applying brown shadow (mac uninterrupted pro long) in the mid of the contoured area and finishing it wid mac finishing powder.
    n i agree wd u….people in india blindly go for fairness instead of accentuating their god-gifted skintone n features.
    i have seen ladies with beautiful dusky skins asking for white foundation. :-((

    • ….m NC40 but somehow i love using nc42 due to the perfect warm-tone.
      i use mac prolong wear foundation in nc42 n prolong wear concealr and studio finish in NW30.
      n rest of my powders like studio fix and select sheer are in NC40 🙂
      m in love with ur skintone!!!….wtz ur color? :-))

    • I’m NC40. But somehow i love the warm-tone of NC42.
      so i wear my prolong wear foundation in NC42.
      I use studio finish and prolong wear concealer in NW40
      n rest of my compacts like studio fix and select sheer are in NC40. 🙂
      i love ur skin color..which mac color are ? 😀

  11. ahhh….i feel like an infant in this “makeup” world…so much to learn from u anamika… 🙂
    n u looking great as usual…

  12. OMG, thts so much of wonderful contouring, I have just 2 bronzers with me, and i dont thnk i ever did a fair job with that 😀

  13. I should try this.. I have 2 diff shades of foundations for atleast a lil try … 😉 🙂
    n u look great in such a makeup Anamika.. :yes: :yes:

  14. Oh Ana!! U r truly gifted! U can re create so many looks with perfection and u look so amazing and well sculpted! I love to see you work out your magic just like people appreciate artists but can’t paint themselves 🙂
    Love your reviews and your tutorials! Yeh alag baat hai ki am never inclined to try them out 🙂 Lolzz

  15. Ana I have been pathetic in the science of art since I was a kid! Aur ye kisi art se kam nahi. I am more comfy helping my friends get made up during parties and stuff but when it comes to procedures like applying foundation, concealer, checking which shade suits the best, which texture works the best etc am a clut! Contouring to bahut door ki baat hai. I love challenges but have never felt the desire dil se to dabble in these stuff hands on.
    Am more happy to see pros like you amaze me with their skills. I know sounds weird but the day I decide to try it on, will surely gather all your tips and get it going 🙂

  16. Awesome Job done A.. I second U.. Just play with the beautiful features and lovely olive/ tan skin you already have. Kim is pale but she tans herself to get this done.. and we are naturally brown color.. So we need not try hard to get that look.. Contouring is a womderful thing… Hats off! :lipstick: :yes: :tap-dance: :worship:

  17. Hi Anamika! I love the article! I wanted to try contouring, For my nose in particular. I have a very fair skintone, almost white! Lol! So I wanted you to suggest me the minumum products to use that are not glittery and very affordable! Please let me know!

  18. Beautiful! I only had one question… Do you use foundation to make highlight and contouring? Or what products do you use?


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