Control Appetite And Cravings With IWB Weight Loss Program


 Control Appetite And Cravings With IWB Weight Loss Program

Three years back by the end of 2011 when I took a plunge, to lose weight. I was advised by every one around not to fall prey to any fad diet and extreme type diets. Listening to their advice (at times from those who themselves required serious extreme diet plan to look a bit like human species.. Huh!), I decided to eat every thing in moderation. Now I feel that it was the most foolish decision I have ever made in life, because I failed badly in controlling my portions as I had a massive appetite, especially after work out sessions.

I used to have a ‘KILLER’ banana before going for walk and within 1 hour had a ‘Parantha’ in breakfast. These two things kicked my appetite to such a high level that throughout the day I was craving for carbohydrates. Now despite of walking briskly for more than 10 km daily I realised my weight was not going down and trying to eat every two hours I was ending up eating extra calories. I was frustrated to the extent that I decided to go on lemonade diet and tried it for two days. I failed to carry on with that too due to my asthma and migraine issues. So after researching all sorts of good and bad diets, finally I decided to give Low Carb food a try.

And Bingo! that was it… in the first fortnight of my changed diet protocol I lost 10 kilos. This, I knew was my moment of reckoning and Low Carb Diet was going to be my lifelong friend. I wondered how come I was losing weight so easily, and the fact that I understood was that our body needs fuel to work as it is just like a machine and the fuel it burns is ‘Carbohydrates’.

When the body isn’t getting any carbs or lesser than needed to work efficiently, it releases a lot of fats from the fat tissues, which goes to the liver and are turned into ketone bodies. This is what makes weight loss easy and possible. In every day language if  I explain , it would be that the weight loss process on a low carb diet is Just like your CNG run car, the moment your car runs out of CNG, it automatically shifts to alternate fuel mode for normal working. 🙂 Easy explanation!! 🙂

carb as fuel

When I began losing constantly I was surprised to find all my cravings and that old huge appetite gone, don’t know where. I was happy but confused too as I wasn’t able to eat Plates full of food in one go and hardly wanted to have that piece (read BAR) of chocolate after food. I wished to know answer to this magical change in my life. A little internet research and experience had all the answers in place for me.

Today, since the only mission of my life is to help women (40+ specifically) gain back control of their lives and health by losing those unwanted kilos, which they inadvertently keep piling on while proving to be a perfect ‘Bahu, Maa and of course Patni’. So for all the gorgeous ladies out there (Men who have piled on weight proving to be best Beta, Pita and Pati are also welcome) here is a detailed answer to the above mentioned question…

What controls cravings and appetite while on a low carb diet?

When we eat normally we eat a lot of carbohydrates and fat together which becomes a lethal killer. The appetite-suppressing cells are also destroyed when we eat carbohydrates and sugars, helping to set up a cycle of cravings while a low-carb diet alters blood insulin levels in ways that act as appetite suppressant. As we age and especially when we eat too many carbs and sugars, the free radicals destroy the neurons that should signal the brain that we’re full. The more carbs and sugars we eat, the more our appetite-control cells are damaged, and potentially we consume more food. So controlled carb intake automatically controls cravings as well as appetite. Hope its easy to understand.

Now here is something I wish to add here. Indian meals are all about highest possible carbs and fats together. We are so crazy about our Indian Traditional Poori – Aaloo and Halwa diet that we can’t even think of any good meal without Roti, Chawal and Aaloo. So its impossible to shed weight specially for the 40+ people specially ladies, who have been living in the kitchen cooking ‘Tasty Meals’ for their pariwaar and end up polishing off all left overs on their own 🙂

In such circumstances the only person who can help them is ‘A Mentor’, who can make them sail through diet changes easily and without any glitches effortlessly.  So here I present to you a ‘Friend, Philosopher and Guide’  with the name ‘IWB Weight Loss Program’.

Here is a remark we received in mail from one young client(a young boy) who is following this program and his words surely add authenticity of this program.

 “Thank you very much for your diet plans . Due to my preparation for various entrance examinations in the last two years , I had gained 30 kgs due to stress resulting in an escalation in my eating habits which included high amount of junk food and other unhealthy meals, added on by irregular and later on, no physical activities . This had a major affect on my overall personality and demeaned my self confidence, but thanks to your regularly updated diet plans along with various simple exercises to follow on a daily basis I have managed to loose 10 kilos in a short span of one month. My eating habits have completely changed as I no longer have the urge to take sugar in the the form of various beverages. I no longer crave for cakes, ice creams. etc. I have totally quit carbonated drinks and other oily snacks. Best thing is that I am eating very less food as compared to what I ate earlier, yet I am full of energy. Thank you very much for your well guided support.” 

Registrations are open now , check here and there are just a few seats remaining. Last time, we opened registrations only after 2 months of announcing the plan due to huge turnout.

So hurry up, join us now ! To know more, email us at [email protected]

Please be assured that in case, you follow our plan to the T yet don’t lose weight, we will return your money !

Also, check out revamped look of Indian Weight Loss Blog here  😉

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  1. Thanks Himani, this is a simple basic logic behind Low Carb way but the trick is in following this basic and making the right food choices which must be done under mentoring of experts. 🙂


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