Cool & Cool Nose Strip Review


Hello Gals!
How’s the Diwali shopping going on?

Today I used a nose strip, so I thought why not review it 🙂


Cool & Cool deep cleansing nose strip


I had been looking for nose strips recently for the white and black heads on the nose that are so painful to get rid of. I came across this pack by a brand called Cool&Cool. They had some 2 varieties in it – one was some Charcoal strip in black, and another was a Deep Cleansing in white. It’s available as a single strip and also in a pack of three. I picked up the pack of three white strips – Deep Cleansing Nose strips.

Price: Rs. 139 for a pack of 3. The charcoal one was a bit more expensive


How to use:


Cool & Cool deep cleansing nose strip review


What does the company say:


Cool & cool nose strip


Each strip comes in a plastic pouch. The nose strip is made of a thick paper with a layer of kind of a glue on the other side. The gluey side is stuck on a plastic sheet.
To use one has to wash face to clean it from any creams/lotions. Next, moist your nose just enough to have the strip stick on, not too much. Then place the strip carefully, tightly on the nose. The instructions on pack say you wait for 10-15 minutes. I would suggest, wait a little longer until you are sure the strip has completely dried. I waited for about 20-25 minutes. If it’s still wet and you remove, it won’t work well.

I wear a nose-pin and if I ever remove it, somehow I can’t put it back. Many times I have had to pierce my nose again whenever I took it off 🙁 So while putting on the strip, I made a little slit just where the nosepin was, so it fit around the nosepin nicely 🙂


Cool & cool nose strip review


What I liked about Cool & Cool nose strips:


  • It did remove a lot of black and whiteheads off my nose.


What I did not like about Cool & Cool nose strips:


  • The pack should have mentioned what to apply after removing the strip so the pores don’t remain open and catch more dirt.
  • Price!

I’ll buy it again, and will also try the charcoal one.




  1. I have been looking for a decent nose strip, but somehow I dont feel like ordering one from ebay..where did you get this from?

    • I have acne prone skin too 🙁
      Mine is oily-normal.
      Neutrogena oilfree oisteriser works well for me. So far that’s the only moisteriser that hasn’t given me breakouts! You can also try Lotus Tea Tree gel inbetween, it helped me keep the acne away, and if they do appear, they go sooner.
      I use many gels from Lotus in fact since my skin doesn’t like oily creams.
      Hey, WHat I don’t understand is, how come your skin is dry-normal and still acne prone? I thought that was the problem only with oily skin.
      Sometimes acne are related to stumoch problems too.

    • Thnks Megha 🙂 Do give this one a try! I so hate to go thru the pain to remove the dirt 🙁
      This one is easy peasy 🙂

  2. u kno, i hv this same issue with these strips coz of my nose ring..i cnt remove mine either…but this idea of makin a slit is fab..m gona try it.

    Thanx so much fr a fab review..

  3. Nice review. A pack of nose strips is on my shopping list but ive never heard of this brand. Can sum1 suggest a gud 1 dats easily available…pls pretty pls

    • This is new in the Indian market Nafisa. Its a brand from UK, and is marketed by some company in UAE. I had used Pond’s noststrips long long ago, but recently I haven’t found any other brand that Cool&Cool in the shops. I’m sure this one will soon be available in many stores.

  4. Oh, nose strips are something that everyone def needs. I get mine from USA – I use the biore ones. PS. Michelle phan has a video on how to make these strips at home!! I’ll try posting that link if I find it!

    • Hi Scarlett!
      Have you tried the DIY nose strip? I had got a link for it but guess forgot to use in the article.
      Btw, lovely blog you have 🙂


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