CoolWay Smoothing Lotion Review


CoolWay Smoothing Lotion

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Today I am reviewing an interesting hair product for you all and although it is not available here in India, but you can always get it if any of your friend is going or coming from abroad. Here I am sharing my thoughts about it! 🙂

Summer season is surely not favorable;e for hair as it turns rough and frizzy due to the excess humidity. So when I tried this product I was really impressed with it.

CoolWay Smoothing Lotion for hair

Here is what the brand claims about this hair product

About CoolWay Smoothing Lotion

An all-in-one blow dry lotion for effortless smoothing and styling of hair. Featuring a proprietary blend of technologies from the innovative Coolway products, including nourishing Tribehenin and pro-vitamin B5. Coolway’s Smoothing lotion, leaves your hair soft, smooth and frizz free. It’s lightweight formula provides a medium hold while resisting humidity.

Key Features-

  • Smooths your hair for all-day control
  • Eliminates frizz and protects hair from humidity
  • Hydrates hair for improved luster and shine
  • Leaves hair naturally smooth and straight

Price– $24.95 for 60ml.

CoolWay Smoothing Lotion ingredients

Packaging– This smoothing lotion comes in a black colored opaque bottle packaging. It has a pump dispenser to take out the required amount of product. The pump dispenser has a transparent cap to secure it while travelling.

Product Color & Texture- The smoothing lotion is a milky gel based liquid which has a runny consistency. The gel based liquid is easy to apply on the hair length. The texture is mainly gel based which is light in weight and doesn’t weight down the hair strands.

CoolWay Smoothing Lotion texture

My Experience with CoolWay Smoothing Lotion

As you all are aware I am so much into styling my hair on a regular basis and so I was looking out for something different to try for my hair. While surfing I cam across this and thought of giving it a try. Sadly doesn’t ship to India and so you have to get it from a friend living abroad.

Well, for a 60ml bottle it is expensive but it really makes the hair soft and effectively reduces the frizz. It is not like it completely takes away all the frizz but it reduces it to a good extent.

CoolWay Smoothing Lotion

It has a heavenly fragrance which I really like about this lotion. My hair smells so great.

As I already mentioned the texture is very light and it doesn’t weight down the hair and keep them bouncy. As if you have not applied anything at all.

The packaging is a little too boring for me as it looks somewhat like an old hair oil bottle. It should have been a little more catchy.

CoolWay Smoothing Lotion packaging

You required a pea size amount of product for normal volume of hair, for extra voluminous hair, you may need a little more. The bottle is going to easily last for two months.

Overall, I liked the product and find it quite unique but I won’t re-purchase it again due to the price. I will lookout for something more interesting in the same price range.

What I like about CoolWay Smoothing Lotion?

  • Light weight
  • Gel based consistency
  • Smoothens hair
  • Reduces frizz
  • Will last long
  • Awesome fragrance

What I don’t like about CoolWay Smoothing Lotion?

  • Expensive
  • Not available in India


Will I recommend?– Well, the smoothing lotion is actually quite great but it is expensive and also not available in India so those of you living abroad may try it once to see how well it works for you hair in controlling the frizz & making the hair smooth.

Have you tried CoolWay Smoothing Lotion?

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