Coral,Nature’s Miracle!!!!


Coral is nature’s most beautiful creations. The natural hues of red make the coral more and more gorgeous. Corals are the product of tiny living beings that live at depths in the waters. Corals are miracles of nature.

Coral beads are very popular and every piece of coral jewelry brings unseen beauty. There is a special fascination for coral decorative materials. Corals grow in Nature in a wide range of colours from red to white and from blue and brown to black. The most popular are the red hues. Generally corals are thought as red round beads.

Coral is believed to bring prosperity. Coral also has healing power and brings emotional stability. Indian culture believes that coral protects from evil spirits.  Through the use of Coral, in gold several diseases can be warded off.

Red Coral Jewelry:

The use of the coral in jewelry dates back to the history. Red coral is the hard stony skeleton of a Mediterranean coral that has a delicate red or pink color.

Coral, nature’s miracle+coral beads

Coral jewelry usually used to be made out of red round beads. They always used to be traditional. As fashion evolved, more fascinating colors and designs (rose, leaves, and deity) engraved on it. It is considered that a good coral is opaque red, is perfectly round or oval and regular; is smooth, and gives out lovely splendorous.

My collection of traditional designs of red round coral beads:

(Chain of corals with 2 gold balls at an interval of 4 corals. This chain can be customized to one’s requirement and ordered for making.)

Coral, nature’s miracle+coral necklace

(A simple double strand coral chain with a coral pendant)

Coral, nature’s miracle+coral chain

(A no-pendant coral chain, with groundnut-knot in between two corals. A typical traditional chain of south India. Corals can be replaced with white pearls, jades, black beads, or mixture of all precious beads)

Coral, nature’s miracle+coral simple chain

(A screw lock double strand bracelet)

Coral, nature’s miracle+coral bracelet

(A typical traditional design of ear ring, three bead with gold stem in between the beads. This piece too can be found in all possible precious beads here in South India.)

Coral, nature’s miracle+coral earings

(A heart shaped locket with an oval shaped coral and a tiny pearl on it. This has been my daily wear piece, hence the faded pearl. But, the coral is still shiny.)

Coral, nature’s miracle+coral pendant

So girls did you like my collection? 🙂


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    • i don have coral jewellery at all..:( i always end up with gold or diamond and that too is getting costlier day by day 🙁

  1. coral is my birth gemstone .. so i love coral jewellery.. my fav among urs is the double strand screw lock bracelet and the groundnut knot chain .. lovely !!!

  2. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: What a lovely collection
    I love corals but my birth stone is Diamond :hammer:
    As Anamika said day by day Gold price increasing :guns:
    My vote always Imitation and Kundan jewels 😀

  3. are u a Mangalorean Chandni. too have similar coral jewelry. They look the best with Gold, due to their bright shade. :-* :-*

  4. im not so crazy about the red coral… its too common, especially among older people… 😕
    however, loved the other coral correction of pink roses.. was awesome.. :-))

  5. Aweeee! Such a nice jewelry! In the name of such pieces, I just have this charity bracelet that I’m quite fond of. I love your jewelries.

  6. I came to this blog in random and must appreciate its wonderful content. I really like the groundnut-knot chain and the double stranded necklace. Could you suggest places where can I buy this kind of jewelry? My mom’s birthstone is coral, it would be nice if I could present her one. Thank you.


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