Coriander(Cilantro)-10 natural herbal home remedies

Coriander powder and its leaves are readily used in Indian kitchen but very few women knows that it is used in curing of many disease as well. Dry coriander seeds are also known as coriandi seeds.

Below here is a comprehensive list of herbal remedies which can cure many common diseases:-

1.Inflammation and swelling on body-Take equal quantity of vinegar, coriander powder, make a paste and apply it on any affected body part. This will help in easing out inflammation and will reduce swelling as well.

2.Nose bleeding (Nakseer )-Applying green coriander leaves paste on the head helps in stopping nose bleeding.

3.Malaria-If a person feel cold and suffer from fever regularly then take coriander powder and saunth(dry ginger powder) in equal quantity. Take 5 gram of this mixture with water four times a day.Malaria recovery will be much faster by drinking this mixture.

4.Constipation-Eating cilantro(green coriander) chatni helps in getting rid of constipation.To make chatani take green cilantro,1/2tsp black pepper powder, rock salt(kala namak,according to taste), and cumin powder(jeera powder).Grind it and eat it with rice, as a bread spread or chapatti.

5.Mouth ulcer(muh ke chale)-Apply green cilantro juice on mouth ulcer helps in getting rid of the problem. If you don’t like the juice then take coriander powder and boil it in 1 glass of water. Gargle with this mixture and get relief from ulcer.

6.Insomania(aanidra)-Make a paste of green cilantro ,add 1tsp of sugar crystals(mishri) and water into it. Drink it this 2-3 times a day. Use this remedy even when your problem is cured so that effect of it is long lasting

7.Stomach ache-Take coriander powder, add sugar crystal in it and have this mixture with a glass of water. Inflammation in stomach or stomach pain can be eased off easily by this remedy.

8.Urinary inflammation-Take coriander powder and amla powder (Indian gooseberry) in equal quantity and soak both of them in 1 cup of water. Now blend this mixture and filter it with a sieve. Drink this mixture for a week.

9.Bad of foul breath problem-You can get rid of this problem by chewing 1/4tsp of coriander powder. You can have this powder whenever you have chicken, garlic or onion to avoid bad breath.

10.Kids cough and asthma problem-Take coriander juice and add 1tsp of sugar in it. Add this mixture in chawal ka paani.(Boil rice in water .Filter the water with a sieve and add the mixture into the water and give it to the kid.)


  1. Yaa but green chutney remains fresh for 1-2 days .I wish i could make it once and it would stay fresh for a week like other chutnies:D

  2. I have stomatitis in my mouth. i have tried different creams but its not working. it has been 2-3 days but it is not going. i don’t know what to do


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