Covergirl True Naked Palette Golden Photo , Price And Swatch


Covergirl True Naked Palette Golden

If you are someone who believes in only brands that are great, you might be forced to change your viewpoint by this blog. I am sharing today a makeup palette which will change your views towards the other brands available in the market which are in a way better in quality and also reasonable on pocket.

Cover girl True Naked Palette Golden

I recently swatched Smashbox palette which I shared was on a little higher side but is a great product. This one is cheaper than Smashbox at US$ 10 and it is better pigmented than Smashbox palette. I switched to Smashbox in search of colors but if you ask me about the quality, this one is even more buttery and smooth textured. I felt like using it more and more with every application.

Packaging: Even if you consider the packaging, it is very well packaged with the single stripped lines in the palette. It also ensures a smooth application. I was not sure when I purchased this but when I saw the palette I instantly knew that my decision was absolutely correct. All the colors are so good and are the ones I can use on a daily basis. There are options of colors for every skin tone and they are quite intelligently placed so that one could aptly choose the warmer and cooler tones depending on the skin tones. I am sure you would instantly make out the difference between the colors that most suit you.

My Initial Thoughts About Covergirl True Naked Palette Golden

There are all, violet for the parties, browns etc. for all your day and night time needs. The packaging of the product is awesome as per me. I can see all colors right and bright with no confusions. There are no hassles in picking and using the right color. Since the texture is creamy, the colors easily come up on the brush without you having to dig and break them into pieces. There is no need to worry about any kind of movement of colors across panels due to the bordering done aptly.

Cover girl True Naked Palette Golden packaging


If you have a look at the swatches, the colors are discrete and different with their uniqueness being highlighted properly. I am not too sure about the stay or longevity of the colors as yet since I am yet to use them for longer hours but the feel on the skin is very soft and pigmented. The colors spread on my wrist easily. The blend was perfect like I always want.

Cover girl True Naked Palette Golden swatches

You could also experiment with the colors you have not yet tried as there is a lot of possibility for you to switch and stay with this one.

After trying this product, I am convinced about one thing that it is not always about the brand or the price associated with the brand. We as consumers make or break a brand. This palette is much reasonable but it is comfortable and better in quality than most expensive brands.

Like my experience with suggests me that there are a lot of hidden gems that still need to be explored! 🙂

Do share your reviews if anyone of you has already tried this product or any other similar to this one.

Also, stay tuned for my makeup tutorial with this palette and a giveaway too..

Hearing this I know you will like me..I like you too 😀

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