Cream Satin Padded Ribbon Hangers


I  have been looking for some satin padded hangers to add more feminine touch to my wardrobe. I saw these in one of the hotel cupboards and I was tempted to take them home but of course I resisted :D. A month back I found them on ebay here in just $7 with shipping which was around $4-$5 . In $7 I was getting 5 hangers so I thought of getting 10 with the same shipping cost.So in total these costed me $14 ..Not bad haan ?

flower ribbon hangers+dress

The moment these reached home, K also wanted them for his shirts and coats. Of course a loving wife I am I straightforwardly said “No “to him :P. These hangers really add lots of cuteness to your wardrobe giving it a more feminine look. I specially like to use it for satin sleeveless tops or a sexy satin dress.

Only drawback with these are that you can not use these for jeans and leggings.

cute hangers stands+wedding dress hangers stand

This is how they look and yes! you can even to hang your sexy lingerie  who we end up spending thousands. I wish I could hang my wedding gown, but with Indian rituals I wore a heavy lehenga which would have been impossible to use on these :P. And of course, if you are unlike me then you can gift them to your beau for hanging his shirts or coats 😛 I just put my mundane plastic ones in his wardrobe too 😀

ribbon hangers cute

These hangers are perfect for those who like me don’t have the time and motivation to make their own ribbon hangers at home .

Hope you had a super super weekend .Mine was not that great. My baby was not well albeit she is fine now and husband went for some office work on weekend ..Ahh! I couldn’t go out also because had to be with Anvika .So did lots of clicking today for the coming week.

How about you?

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  1. thts so pretty :heart: … me will try to make..u knw hw vella i am nowadays 😛 aww hope u will have lovely weekend next tym :hug-makeup: n loads of luv to anvika :-*

  2. Anamika these are really pretty… perfect for us gals.. we all love cute and pretty stuff, don’t we?

    Little Anvika… darling get well soon.. :*

  3. I seem similar in GK last year. They were for 250 for 4 maybe. Just saying in case someone who lives in delhi, don’t have CC and want to own these cuties. :blush: :blush: :blush:

  4. hehhe these are so cute!!!!!perfect for delicate clothes.. my lace dress snagged on the regular hangers.. these would have been perfect!


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