Crème De La Mer Lip Balm Review


Hi All,

 This is another goodie I picked up at an auction on Ebay. I had used this before and after it got over I realised I couldn’t find it anywhere. Hence when I saw this on Ebay, I was pleasantly surprised and bid for it. Wonder of wonders, I won and I bagged this baby for approx. 700 bucks including shipping 🙂

 Coming to the lip balm, this is a lip balm from the La Mer company which is super famous abroad for their skincare products since they are infused with various minerals and extracts and secret formula’s which make your skin glow.

La Mer Lip Balm reviews+ Crème De La Mer Lip Balm Reviews

I suffer from sensitive skin and my lips are no exception. If the lipstick I’m wearing is not a moisture rich one, then my lips get super dry and start flaking. So much so, that there was a point in time when my lips would flake very single day and I used to go on a lipstick hiatus which I didn’t like. Then an aunt of mine introduced me to this wonder and I’ve never looked back. This is one of my miracle Lbs.

About Crème De La Mer:

 Fortified with a potent concentration of Miracle Broth™, this luxurious balm softens roughness on contact, relieves discomfort and helps heal seriously dry lips. A patented Lip Lipid Complex delivers moisture and strengthens the delicate barrier to help prevent further damage. Lips look and feel smoother, softer, plumper.

  •  Benefits - Warm balm with fingertip and apply with a light, patting motion on lips, above and below the lip line. Wait a few minutes before applying lip color. Worn all day, lips are constantly protected. Applied at night, lips are renewed by morning.
  • Ingredient List:Apart from the most famed Miracle Broth, it contains minerals and botanical and biological ingredients as well. Their specially patented lip lipid system is what helps retain the moisture in the lips.
  • Original Price:   45$
  • Quantity: .32oz

Lip Balm Crème De La Mer Lip Balm reviews

My take on the La Mer Lip Balm

I have always had sensi lips. Whenever I’d use certain brands of lipsticks I’d get a horrible allergy. Infact, I used to be allergic to the old Lakme formula too. I used to get those red welts on the border of my lips which would hurt for days and then all the skin would flake. Suffice to say it was not a pretty sight. Hence, when I found out how this worked I was totally impressed and wanted to share this with you.

  •  Packaging: This Balm as seen, comes in a tiny but thick and hard glass tub with a screw top lid. I have the old one with the white plastic lid, but I believe they have revamped this with a silver metallic lid now. Its very easy to carry around and slip into your purse or bag.
  • Fragrance & Color: It has a very mild minty fragrance which is extremely pleasant. Its not a too strong, in-your-face kind of a scent. The balm itself is off-white in color and is semi transparent as well.
  • Application: I just rub my finger in the tub and warm it for a bit so that it glides easily. If this is not done, the formula gets too tough to scoop out. Once warmed just apply directly on the lips.

 On application, your lips may feel tingly but not to worry this doesn’t affect your skin adversely. I actually like this tingly sensation 🙂

Crème De La Mer Lip Balm Review

  • Effects: I apply this usually at night. And especially when I’ve used a matte finish lippy or a particularly drying gloss like from MAC or Lakme since my lips tend to start flaking then. I just apply this and go to sleep and by the next morning my lips are all pretty and smooth again.

What I liked about  Crème De La Mer Lip Balm

best Crème De La Mer Lip Balm swatch5

  • The fragrance is mild and very pleasant.
  • It has a minty feel to it which feels really nice without being drying.
  • It actually DOES work on my lips and repairs them withing 5-6hrs.
  • Very moisturizing and heals chapped lips pretty quickly.
  • I love the tingly feel to it.
  • Packaging is very travel friendly

What I do not like about  Crème De La Mer Lip Balm

  • Availability is an issue
  • Would have been more hygienic if packaged in a tube form 🙂

 Will I buy it again:Yes. Yes, A thousand times YES!!! anything that can repair my lips in under 24hrs will always be welcome! 🙂


  • Overall -4.5/5
  •  Packaging: 3.5/5
  • Price vs. Value: 5/5
  • Availability: 2/5

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  1. Hey looks like a nice product, but only these days I am put off by dipping fingers into a tub or a dibbi. prefer a tube. m gonna hunt for this when i go on my trip abroad.

    • This is amazing recommend this to everyone with problem lips…but yes i do agree that the dipping into the tub thing is prety inconvenient..

  2. I am trying really hard not to buy any more lip balms. I think I have lifetime s stock.
    Which makes me wonder why do I have seven lip blams on my wish list!

    • haha! Its really awesome Nids…a one stop solution for severe chapped or sensi lips…it cures my allergy within a night! is that a miracle or wot!

  3. hahahaha.. for 700 only! soo lucky yaar..
    me can only dream of this lip balm! 😛
    i will stick to my vaseline tub! 😛 😛

    • m allergic t vaseline re..pata hai i used t use it religiously when i was younger and my lips strated t turn black..then we went t a skin spcialist and he said it was coz of vaseline…since then ive never used the brand.. 🙁 🙁 i wana try the tinted ones but cant even get the guts t try…waise bhi my lips never became the same afterwards..aur khatra kyun mod lena?

  4. i kno yaar..i wud never hav bought these ever at that price…as it is i had just bid on it ainwain..dnt think it wud win.. 🙂 🙂

    but its really a boon mokp…just 1 night to cure an allergy or split lip…and u need so little..this will last a long long time..

  5. Broen kajal..m using one..but i don know wether it is good or not because ihave only shade of brown kajal so there is nothing to compare :duh:

  6. If you apply lipstick over it, doesn’t it fade sooner?
    Have you come across any other balm thats closer to this one? [and cheaper]

    • hey Paddy…i dont use anything over it dear..for me, this is more of a therapeutic measure…i use it to repair damaged lips 🙂

  7. :pain: 😯 I cant believe a lip balm… and that tooo in such a small tub costs 45$!!!!! Its daylight robbery I tell you :guns: :bangbang:
    I think I’ll just stick to good ol vaseline 🙂

  8. Looks like a gr8 product. Wish i cud slash a zero off the price 😛 Even wid the offer, i feel its too much for a teeny tiny lip balm

    • least now my skin has improved..when I was younger hadsuch problem skin..every week I’d have some allergy or the other…thanx t good products my skin has improved a lot 🙂


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