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I can write on this topic for the whole day but will restrict myself to some areas and focus on the main points and brands that you must know when you plan to turn cruelty-free. Well, being cruelty-free won’t make you poor but can surely save some innocent animal’s life. Can you even imagine your mascara is the reason for a rabbit’s blindness? Well, I hope not you won’t like this thought at all then why use those brands who just for the sake of profit are testing their products on animals? Well, let me first clarify that I love makeup and I am a wholesome makeup junkie but in no way, I can imagine my beauty ruining someone’s life. I still have some products that are not cruelty-free but I am trying my best to be one.


I know cruelty-free products can be a little more expensive than the normal ones but when you will see the cause behind it, I am sure you will have a smile on your face. Let’s face it – STOP ANIMAL TESTING IN COSMETIC AND BEAUTY PRODUCTS.

I know someone or the other will pop up in the comment section to say, why do we eat animals? Well, let me clarify this at first. According to nature, there are 3 sorts of food habits – herbivorous (plant eater), carnivorous (animal eater) and omnivorous(both plant and animal eater). Man, by nature, is omnivorous but in no way, I am promoting eating up animals. I love vegan alternatives and always try to choose one when I have an option. As Peta says. “ANIMALS ARE NOT OURS TO EAT, WEAR, EXPERIMENT ON, USE FORENTERTAINMENT, OR ABUSE IN ANY OTHER WAY.”

Well, let’s come to the point again – Animal Cruelty. Well, there are certain questions which you might have in mind while reading this article. Let’s tackle those:

  • What is cruelty-free?

Cruelty-free is something that involves no animal testing on both raw and finished products, no animal derived ingredients and even there should be no cruelty even from the products that are sourced from the third party dealers.

  • What are vegan products?

Vegan products mean that other than being completely cruelty-free, there should be no animal products like milk, honey into it. It should be completely free from animal products even like wax.

  • What is the difference between cruelty-free and no animal testing?

When we see “No animal testing” it can symbolise two things – either it is cruelty-free or the final product is not tested on animals. But when we say “Cruelty-free” we mean that nothing in the whole process has been tested on animals and no animals were harmed by this manufacturer in any way.

  • Are all makeup products cruelty-free?

NO! Sad but true. Many of our most famous and most used brands test their products on animals and the reason is pretty simple. Profit! Let me explain. Europe and many countries have totally banned animal testing in all cosmetic and beauty products since long and the products that are manufactured there are totally cruelty-free. But the only culprit in this whole arena is China. Yes, China is the only country in this whole world which mandates animal testing in all its products. And the global brands do sell in China which means that their products are not at all cruelty-free. So think twice before you buy!


  • How can we determine whether a product is cruelty-free or not?

Well, there are two ways in which you can determine whether a product is cruelty-free or not. Either look for the cruelty-free Peta logo or go to their website and find out the list of products that are cruelty-free.

But to ease out your quest, we thought to include some brands that are Cruelty-free for you! Scroll down to know who love animals just as you do!

  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Love him, Hate him but you just can’t ignore him! Jeffree Star is the really a star be it his persona, his outlook or his completely cruelty-free and vegan makeup range. This person is one of my favourites and I am so happy that he cares for animals and has come up with such an idea. I don’t mind burning a hole to get his Jeffree Star range of makeup!

Kat Von D Makeup stands second on my list as it is still trying to manufacture all its products in vegan style. Though they are completely cruelty-free and Kat is known for her strong animal rights campaign, not all her products are vegan to the core. Also, Kat Von D is coming up with a Vegan shoe line. Surely a girl to watch for!

This brand is goals – be it Makeup or values. They don’t sell in China as then they can’t be really cruelty-free. They have an awesome eye makeup collection and yes, I love every bit of makeup by Makeup Revolution. Surely a much-needed brand!

LA Girl is a very renowned brand especially for their wide range of concealers. I personally love their products as they are quite pocket-friendly and also love animals like we do. They are also one among the cruelty-free makeup list of Peta.

  • LA Colours


LA Colours is a comparatively new brand that has been launched in India. It is cheap in price but definitely very high on standards. One of the members of Peta’s Cruelty-Free makeup list, this brand is surely a heart-stealer for those who love “No animal tested” makeup.

NYX has been recently taken over by Loreal still I will consider it in the cruelty-free zone as they still claim to be totally cruelty-free and has the Peta Logo on them. NYX is a well-known brand in India and one of the most-loved brands by all for their amazing quality makeup. Surely an NYX lipstick is a treasure in your kitty!

Colorpop is a brand that is coming to India taking baby steps. It has a wide range of makeup that will make you look good without harming any furry friends. It has a wide range of lipstick, eyeshadows and other base makeup products that are high in pigmentation and values.

Milani is another drugstore brand that does manufacture some high-quality cruelty-free products. The products are renowned internationally and are of superior quality. Even the brushes manufactured by this brand are totally cruelty-free.



Wet n Wild is a US Drugstore brand that manufactures cruelty-free makeup products and they don’t sell in China. Though their price is less, they have high aesthetic value and they love animals.


I really wish it were available in India on a wide scale!


There are much more which I will deal with in some other post! Till then Take Care and Love Animals!



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