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I have a request. I am 29 years residing in Bangalore and have a combination skin which becomes oily in summers. Can you please suggest me a good cleaner, toner, moisturizer for my skin type. I am really confused on what products to buy for my skin type. I generally end up buying up wrong products and wasting money.

Also if possible please suggest a good day cream. Can lactocalamine be used as a moisturizer.

Apologies for posting a lot of queries but I would really appreciate if you could please take out some time and reply to my queries.


best toner cleanser and moisturiser

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  1. Hi.you and i have similar skin type and cetaphil and lactocalmine works for me.if you feel your skin feels still dry then try Body shop vitamin e intense moisturse cream which i reviewed few days back.for tones u can try patanajli rose water or fab india rose water…hope fully this will suit you.

  2. Hi Kavya,

    I have exactly the same kinda skin..During summers my T-zome gets oily and during winter my skins becomes bone dry.

    For cleansing I suggest Cetaphil. Its gr8 for any kind of skin and is easily available too… I use Fab India’s rose water for toning and FabIndia’s Vit E lotion for oily skin… 🙂

  3. ok my turn now :D:D
    Few toners which i suggest are:-
    Patanjali rose water
    Fab India tea tree toner
    Fab India rose water
    Lush tea tree toner

    they are mild and will suit comibation oily skin.

    for moisturiser
    Fab India vitamin e cream
    lactocalamine aloevera one
    ddf ultra lite oil free moisture dew

    all products have been reviewed here..you can check them out.

    also go for some face packs from FE or lush..they will soothe your skin in summer

    hope this helps and thank u for writing in 🙂

    • Oh Ye!!! maine DDF bhool gayi..I thought DDF was some new brand.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 sholly Teacher!! Maaf karo..Main 100 times Sorry likhungi.. 😉

  4. Hi Kavya,

    I too have the same skin type as yours and have lived almost all my life in the cool yet dry climate of Bangalore.

    Here are some safe reccos for you..which i have used and found suiting my skin all year round.


    Foaming – Olay Foaming cleanser
    Non Foaming – Aroma magic Turmeric Cream Cleanser

    Toner – Rose Water(FAb India, Gulabari, Auroshika), Fab India Neem n Tulsi toner.

    Moisturiser – Fabindia Vit E Cream, Ponds Age Miracle Day cream also works kinda fine.

    If yoiu have the budget, you can definitely go for the LIZ EARLE hot polish cleanser, toner and moisturiser for combi-oily skin. There is nothing like it.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  5. haha i knew liz arle will be coming Poornima :-* u r now an official Indian brand ambassador of their products :D:D

  6. Hi Kavya!
    For toner i suggest Fabindia Tea Tree Toner
    Moisturiser – Fabindia Pomegranate skin hydrating cream
    Cleanser- Pond’s whitening foam face wash
    Pears face wash( orange one) is good too.

  7. I can suggest Cetaphil for cleansing
    Tea Tree Toner form Fab India
    Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel for moisturising.
    Even Neutrogena Moisturizer for Combination Skin is good

    DONOT forget a sunscreen though-Lotus Sunscreen 3-1 can be a safe bet.

  8. hi .. my skin is kinda same to add to worsen the situation i have problem of pimples and rash if i use too much or use something harshly.

    For me safe bet are

    Himalaya neem face wash
    Clean and clear foaming face wash

    Dabur gulaburi rose water and i have added to it TEA TREE oil from Oriflames.
    That ways morning and evening i make my skin safe

    Morning : Lotus Alpha Moist oil free (contains AHA its good for skin)
    Night : Dab lot of Lactocalamine (during winters i mix alpha moist and lactocalamine that takes care of flaky skin on my cheeks)

    Since you are 29 you should also try and follow up some anti ageing regime
    i guess POnds age miracle night repair and Olay have good reputation. Read their reviews and use one.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  9. ya i thought how come no one wrote about anti ageging stuff for her you do write which one she should use..

    anywz hru ?? 🙂 me enjoyin so much with my niece 😀

  10. Hello there,i m 34, i have combination skin almost all time.. i m using himalaya neem face wash for cleansing. Is dabur gulbari will be enough for toner or anything else..and what to use for moisturiser? Thanks


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