CTM Products In Extreme Winter

This is Sravanthi…I am in problem and I totally believe Wise She girls….I am dependent  on your advise .I am currently living in Utica, Newyork….This is the coolest place.It’s  -10 degrees now and daily snow fall for ab 1 feet atleast, and temp will drop more in coming months till march.
I need help for daily CTM..I need good cleanser, toner, moisturizer and scrubber for this weather…I also need information on the skin care products that i need to use for this weather…also I  need them with in my budget …i cant afford for expensive ones….plz help me…i need the information urgently as i am going  shopping tomorrow..Thank you in advance.
best ctm products in extreme winter


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  1. i use tbs Vit E moisturiser since my skin gets really dry…i use a Lush toner and for cleansing i use Lush again.. 🙂 do check it out 🙂

  2. Hi Sravanthi

    U can try Nivea soft for a moisturiser. Its a drugstore product and awesome. For cleanser, you can look for a sensitive skin cleanser, I liked Clean & Clear’s. Not sure about scrubs, I just use a besan facepack.

  3. Hi Sravanthi! Wish you a very happy new year ! Here are my two cents on this as I have dry skin:

    Cleansing: TBS Vit E cleanser, VLCC Witch Hazel cleanser, Lush Angels on Bare skin (Love this!)
    Toning: Rose water, avoid alcohol based toner as much as possible as it dries out the skin further
    Moisturizing: Nivea cream ( little bit greasy), Almond Oil ( I use this mainly at night) and Olay Cream, TBS Vit E intensive cream

    • For scrub- The Lush Angels on Bare skin works well, alternatively u can mix rice flour & honey with any massage cream (diy method). The Himalaya Apricot Scrub is awesome too and very creamy!

  4. hi plz help me……..2days before i started using lotus whiteglow skin whitening n brightening gel creme………………bt when i use it after 2min it al comes out……..wats happening anyone say me

    • Hi dear, it seems the product has not sunk in your skin at all, does it come off as rubbery granules?? In my case it did, its useless by now. Try using something else. U have not mentioned your skin type. If you can mention your skin type I can suggest some products. Also please mention what is the condition here- moisturise/whitening/brightening etc

  5. I already posted my queries on the CTM winters topic bt did.not.get a reply…
    Will i b notified.thru mail.or.do i hav to chek this page evryday? ?


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