Curatio Foam Face Wash Review |Acne Prone Skin


 Curatio Foam Face Wash Review

Curatio Foam Face Wash+foam face wash

  • Price: Rs. 225
  • Quantity: 100 ml


Curatio Foam Face Wash Ingreients:-

Curatio Foam Face Wash+face wash ingredients

About Curatio Foam Face Wash

It is an innovative approach to gentle cleansing. • Helps remove dirt, dead cells and excessive oil.

Directions For Use: Wet face. Pump adequate foam onto your palm and gently massage face for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry.

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Curatio Foam Face Wash+best face cleanser

My experience with Curatio Face Wash:-


For reference, my skin is oily/combination in summers, dry/combination/very dry in winters but throughout the cycles of season, my skin is acne prone!

I have been described this cleanser by my dermatologist. I have been using this face wash from past one month.

This foamy face wash comes in a transparent bottle with a pump. I need 3-4 pumps to cover my face and neck. I love the aquatic blue color. The scent of this face wash is exactly like that of the pink Eva deodorant perfume. I love its scent!

Coming to its effectiveness, neither this face wash stops occurring of pimples and neither does it heals big pimples on its own. I have never found a face wash which on its alone can heal pimples. But from the past two weeks, I am using nothing on my face except this face wash, my avon toner and my clean n clear oil free moisturizer. And, my skin looks good. This is a very gentle face wash which doesn’t makes the face dry but also removes the oil and dirt from your face effectively. It gives you a fresh and matte effect to the face and controls oil effectively for 2-3 hours. You may find it expensive for the quantity but you can see that the bottle is still half full which would last me for another full month. And, I use it twice a day. Sometimes, more than that.

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Curatio Foam Face Wash+best face for acne prone skin

PROS of Curatio Foam Face Wash:-


  • Attractive packaging.
  •  Pump dispenser bottle.
  • Quantity would last for 2 months.
  • Doesn’t makes skin dry
  • Effectively removes oil and shine from face


CONS of Curatio Foam Face Wash:-

It contains SLS.

God Bless You! 😀

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  1. I have the saslic face wash which works better than this! :-)) Nice review…Heena! :-)) :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

      • yea saslic facewash is good…but dry skin will need to follow up with a moisturizer. Nice pics Heena :yes: R u using avon true porefection toner? Is is the white bottle or the new green bottle?

  2. nice piccys stones r cho cute :cute: even i luv d salsic face wash more den dis one..i guess bcoz i have very oily skin saslic suits me more :-))

  3. Interesting, I should tell my brother about it…I like the last picture by the fir tree….I like that you write God bless you after each review….God bless you too

  4. mast piccs heenaa :yippee: n haaww u wasted so much in the 4th piccy 😯 :silly: i love himalaya’s neem face wash.. :heart: :rose: i have same skin as urs 😀

    • Upasana,

      woh bezatti thi ya bhot zyada bezatti ?:-)

      achha achha.. par meku suit ni karta himalaya neem face wash..did nothin 4 my skin .. it partial 4u :smug: :smug:

  5. even i have acne prone skin n i always looking for products to reduce pimples …right now i m using Biotique Pineapple Face wash and thats a preety good face wash…

  6. so which one is good fash foamy or fash face was(simple one in a tube). i have oily skin, was on acne treatment now its good. Saslic i used but i think that is making me breakout.

  7. hey thank you for the info. i have been using Fash for years now and it has helped me control my breakouts to a large extent. I think everyone with who has acne prone skin should give it a shot. My only concern is you have mentioned that Fash has SLS, its not true! Sodium Laureth Sulphate is SLES, mild cleanser. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is SLS.


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