DIY Curd-Lemon-Honey Face Pack For Instant Glow & Brighteness + Video


Curd, Lemon & Honey Face Pack For Instant Glow & Brightness

Hello Beauties,

Recently we had an article on Curd Face Pack Recipes on Wise She and I had a keen wish to share my all time favorite Curd recipe which I managed to prepare for you all today. I have also attached the video related with this DIY recipe. Let me share some of the great ingredients of this recipe for the instant glow on the face in a span of only a few minutes.



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Curd is a great ingredient is which is a great dairy product and really helpful for the overall health and equally for skin & haircare. We have already seen the many benefits of curd for skin & hair in various skin care DIY ideas shared on Wise She. Curd is great for the instant hydration of dry skin. It effectively removes sun tan without damaging the skin. The lactic acid resent in curd tends to remove blemishes when used regularly over a period of time.



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Lemon is one of the best sources of citric acid and is a natural bleaching agent when it comes to the effects on skin. It tends to lighten the skin tone with prolonged use and remove pigmentation from the skin. It is not used directly on the skin as it may irritate sensitive skin tones. Lemon is also good for hair and brings shine & natural gloss in them. Lemon can be used in a number of face packs for skincare and it gives tremendous results for clearing dark spots on the face.



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The many benefits of honey have not been any secret and it is probably one of the best kitchen supply which can be used for skincare. It keeps the skin soft & supple. It also has an anti-bacterial action on the skin. Honey effectively removes the skin imperfections with constant use and deeply nourishes the skin. The hydrating properties of honey helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Overall, all these ingredients together in fixed proportion make a great recipe for skincare in the gentle and easy way. The benefits of using this DIY recipe are as under-

  • Helps in removing old skin tan
  • Removes blemishes & dark spots.
  • Reduces fine lines and age spots
  • Give an instant brightening effect
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Makes the skin soft & supple
  • Great for moisturizing dry skin.

DIY Ingredients-

  • 2 tbsp Curd
  • 1-2 tsp Lemon Drops
  • 1 tbsp Organic Honey

Usage Instructions-

  • This recipe is quite easy and can be prepared quickly if you have all the ingredients with you.
  • Mix the honey and lemon drops first to ensure that lemon juice doesn’t acts on the curd and change its texture.
  • Now add the honey- lemon mixture in the curd and mix well.
  • Apply it on cleansed face carefully and leave the areas around eyes & lips.
  • Let the face pack stay for about 10-12 minutes.
  • Remove the face pack with the help of normal water and pat dry.
  • Do not immediately apply any moisturizer or face wash after using this.
  • You will notice the glow on the face within a few minutes itself.

Using this face pack once in a week will be helpful in achieving a brighter complexion and also remove dullness from the face.


Have you tried this DIY recipe for Instant Glow?

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  1. hii… i am 22 yr old and now i am having pimples..i am only using plain yogurt(no lemon ) , when it dry i wash it off and mosturize my face..but i am applying it 2 or 3 times a day..its natural and i can see the result.. i want to sure that am i doing in right way using it 2 to 3 time a day?


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