Cure for sweaty feet


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Sweaty feet is a common problem in summers for many people. Not only is this extremely embarrasing, but also a challenge to get rid of the odor which doesn’t seem to leave you. If you’ve been wearing shoes all day and by chance you’ve to go at a public/friend’s place and remove your shoes, the situation can be really problematic. Here are some tips which I observed and gathered over a period of time to get rid of sweaty feet –

Cure for sweaty feet
How To Cure Sweaty Feet

Take bath regularly. Wash your feet thoroughly and clean the feet’s sweat gland secretions. These secretions, along with certain bacteria tend to give the foul smell. Regular washing will keep your feet clean and free from the bacteria and any such secretions.

Applying Powder
A quick fix solution, powder is very effective in removing the odor from feet.

Another quick fix, deodrant also cannot control sweat but is very good in removing the stinky odor. It also prevents the bacteria growth. If you also want to stop the sweat, you should use antiperspirants, which are very effective.

Wearing right socks
Now now, you’re no more a student so don’t ever think of wearing the same socks two days in a row without washing it. Also, wear socks that keep the feet dry and allow for air passage so as to prevent sweating. Changing socks twice a day is also good when you know you’ve to wear them for more than 10 hours.

Wearing proper shoes
Shoes do not allow the feet to breathe properly. Wearing sandals is much better for summers. If you have to, then prefer leather and canvas shoes over rubber or synthetic ones. Clean them regularly and air dry them in sun. One more handy tip is to put some cornstarch inside the shoes. It will adsorb the moisture and keep the feet dry and odor free.

Also, here are some easy to use home remedies to get rid of the feet odor problem –

Put your feet in hot water, wash thoroughly. Now, take them out and immediately dip them in cold water containing 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. After doing this, rub your feet in alcohol. Do it once or twice a day.

Salt Water
In case of excessive sweating, add some kosher salt in warm water and mix well. Soak your feet in this solution. Afterwards, dry your feet in air or use a cloth.

Crush a medium sized ginger to pulp. Soak it in warm water for some time and apply the solution to your feet every night. Apply it for a period of about 20 days (three weeks) to get good results.

Take about two dozens of radishes and blend them in a blender. Strain the juice out from it using a strainer. Add about one-fourth teaspoon of glycerin to it. Now spray this solution on your feet to reduce the sweat odor.

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    • ohh yes is more of a male problem Prerana 🙂
      but when girls have it it is kind of horrible of embarrassing..

      how u doing ??

  1. Some very good tipps! Thank you very much!
    Another good remedy for foot odor: Wear special cedarsoles, made from cedar wood inside your shoes. They combat the bacteria. So foot smell has no chance to survive.
    But daily washing will be the most fundamental measure.


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