Curing foot odor

Does it scare your family when you take out your shoes because of the foot odor?Well don’t be disheartened.This problem is suffered by most of us sometime or the other .It is one of the embarrassing common problem.
Foot odor happens due to prespiration ,the dead skin cells and bacteria .Our feet stinks becuase of the bacterial growth on the feet and if we try to reduce it then the problem can be solved easily.

There are few easy options which you can adapt to get rid of it.
1.Soak your feets in warm water for about 10 minutes and clean it with a body brush covering your toes. Gently scrub the foot and dry it up with a clean towel. Apply a good moisturiser after cleaning the feets.
2.Use cotton socks as they are comfortable to wear and soft too.Our feet’s can breathe easily in the cotton sockses.
3.Buy shoes which are breathable and avoid wearing plastic shoes which create heat .
.4.If possible avoid wearing shoes two days in a row as this will give your shoes time to dry out and air out.
5.Use any of the commercial foot powder and put them in the toes of your socks .This reduces moisture and keep feet dry.Talcum powder discourage the growth of bacteria leading to a healthy odor free feet’s.
6.You can use Benzol Peroxide gel on your feet as this helps in decreasing bacteria growth too.
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