Curly Hair Shampoo Suggestions & How To Take Care Of Curly Hair


Ashu asks,

There was a time when I use to envy girls with stick straight hair .Now I have some what accepted my curls and find them sexy 😀 .Coming over to the managing part, How do you girls take care of curly hair and which shampoo do you suggest to manage the curl ?



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  1. i think evry brand has a range fr curly hair i’ve cn in tresemme,loreal n rusk to name a few u can check them out i think they r availabl online too :-))

  2. Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Shampoo and curl conditioner.. it costs about 200 bucks and is easy on the pocket…. and Shwarzkop Moisture Kick Spray

    else if you have a good budget and willing to splurge a bit Ouidad is greatt… available at sephora and…

    I got Ouidad once from sephora in KL.. but I found it expensive to keep buying..

    or any moisture boost shampoo is great as curls retain their shape when hair is well moisturised

      • I haven’t compared the prices as I got my curl quencher conditioner from Sephora malaysia last year fr abt 1200-1300 bucks… but i sppse 100-200 rs cheaper. Dont know if Sephora in Delhi stocks Ouidad

        Besides Strawberrynert keeps doing 10 per cent off on hair care every 2 months.. best to buy it then but they don’t have all the product lines in stock so u’ll hv to wait n see..

  3. In India we dont have a lot of hair products which exclusively cater to curly haired folks. What you can do is use any shampoo meant for dry, damaged hair since basically your hair requires loads of moisture. Dont wash your hair too often, deep condition once a week and if you can afford it, go for a spa treatment once a month. If you cant (like me), use moisturizing home made packs. There are loads on wiseshe. lastly in the long run, use silicone free shampoos n conditioners. Your hair will thank you! Again there is an article in wiseshe with the names of silicone free products

  4. hi i have super curly hair, and this is what i do, i basically use an sles free shampoo, currently using himalaya shampoo, even bodyshop rainforest range is great . instead of using a conditioner , simply use a hair masque, loreal absolut smooth, or even their regular hair spa ka dabba is a good buy. if u want to splurge , you can go for kerastase oleo relax.

    loreal also has a nice mousse in their tecni art range for curly hair, costs around 550, and i generally use it when i have to go out somewhere special.

    also u can buy tiny vials of hair spa fluid and mix it with the hair masques for a special treat.

    also always oil your hair well atleast once a week.since most sles shampoos are really gentle on hair, and are useless against oiled hair, i simply use a regular basic shampoo and follow it up with a nice hair masque, on other days , i simply wash my hair with a gentle shampoo and use a teeny touch of the masque and i am good to go.


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