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Now that festive season is upon us its time to leave a stylish impression on friends and family.An ideal chance to step up and  have that winning look which will leave ever lasting impression 🙂

I recently came across ShopInOnit which has a humongous and mesmerizing collection for shoppers who like being stylish.I placed my order when I saw 10% off on the site for those who sign up  for the first time and thought of showing you some cute stuff which I would love to buy.

Traditional Clutch from Amaira Jewellery

There is nothing more festive than a  bright clutch especially with those lovely party  outfit and with this pretty clutch one can turn a dress into a sensational ensemble .Isn’t ?

traditonal clutch

Stripe Yellow Big Bag

I wish I  had so much of variety and option during our college days .I would have enjoyed carrying this bag that time   but  hey! I still haven’t missed the chance. It will be fun carrying it out during the hang outs, beaches or even as a  shopper bag ;).


hang out bag


Rose frame 

These decorative roses frame which is made from industrial felt scrap can be an ideal gift this Diwali for those who love being green.It can be an nice gift for some one who you love.

rose frame


 Bird House

How cute is this handmade home for sparrows something which will add lot of  brightness to my balcony which right now just have few boring flower pots.




I am excited about my shopping from the website and will show you my haul soon 🙂

How about you ? What would you like to shop from ShopInOnit ?


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