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I start my day by replying to all the mails in my Inbox and browsing the online shopping sites.It some how has become an addiction and therefore  the idea of sharing what I am drooling over or NEED 😉 this week struck me.I am a fan of because of the various offers and wide variety of products which are available there.Some of the tempting things which I found around there are as follows :-

Turq Blue Box Clutch By Clocharde:-


This clutch is running into my mind since a week.I keep thinking how beautiful it will look with a white dress or a saree especially when it is from Clocharde. Box clutch costs INR 4330 and it’s available in  INR 1799 on PepperFry.



Turq Blue Box Clutch



All those who are suffering from acne or acne marks must be knowing about Kum Kumadi tailam. I want to try out Nirogam as it claims to be organic.Although it costs INR 1050 but  one can do ANYTHING  to get rid of acne or acne marks. Isn’t it?


Nirogram organic kumkum aadi telum


Sattvik Organics HAIR LOSS SERUM 50ML

I am a hair care junkie and when it comes to serum, I seriously need to try it out especially if it prevents hair loss. It costs INR 149 for 50 ml.Not bad 😉



Satvik treatment serum with carotene & Amla



Inpro Three Layers Food Steamer


With weight loss running in my all the time I need to have this steamer in my life. My recipe will be getting a Knorr soup and adding as many steamed vegetables in it without losing their nutrition or make yummy momos .What more, it can also sterilize milk bottles and napkins of the baby.It will make the process of steaming vegetables super easy when feeding your little one.


Inpro Three Layers Food Steamer


Tvam Conditioner – Green Tea & Fig (190ml)

A conditioner having contents of green tea & fig ! I am sold 🙂



TVAM Conditioners green tea hair conditoner



Do you like shopping from What’s your  favourite section there?


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  1. ana can i suggest something…. post pregnancy u also have lots of water wt and using knorr soups will add tp the problem of water retention… this was told to me by my cousin who struggled with post partum wt gain… for healthy wt loss steer clear of all processed will help a lot… however plz chk with ur doc …n hope u dont mind that i adviced u on dis..we had a strict wt limit in the airline i was in… n there also the doc has said if u wanna avoid bloating stay away from packaged soups..its literally salt powder…it will give u puffy eyes… thats my personal experience…the best way to use steamed veggies is clear soup flavoured with garlic salt pepper mirchi… whtever u like

    • Shweta..i take packaged soup when i just don have the time otherwise it is always clear soup for me..or may be i just add a tea spoon for the flavour in my tomato soups..and i never mind advises after i am not a perfect person infact far away from perfect .

      • great..i thot it was unwanted advice… 🙂 my sister has a lot of lo cal flavourful recipes.. she makes these poha cutlets with lots of veggies.. grills in oven….

        • n i luuuurrrrvvvveeeee the clutch.. this ones gonna come in my dreams for sure…!!! im trying to go on a shopping ban but so far have been grossly unsuccessful….hehehe…

          • u need willpower though… n i sorta crumble best friends bhabhi is preggie n shes already throwing a fit abt havg to eat panjiri n all tht post delivery… shes like im only gonna follow docs diet n all dat!

            • i have vested interests in shoppin ban.. goin to visit my sis in singapore at the end of this month.. so need money for shopping then naaaa :yippee: :devil:

  2. The clutch! :inlove: The steamer :heart: The conditioner :heart: I’ve been lookin for a nice box clutch…but most of them can barely fit anythin inside 🙁


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