How To Do Cut Crease Step By Step | Cut Crease For Beginners

Hey everyone, today I am sharing a post on How To Do Cut Crease Step By Step | Cut Crease For Beginners pictorial with you all on how to do cut crease makeup step by step . There is going to be a video link as well for reference, if you would like to see that. But for now lets talk a bit about cut crease.

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cut crease step by step

There wont be any weapons involved for starters, so its completely safe. Just kidding, not about the safety part, that it is.

how to do cut crease makeup

Steps For Cut Crease Makeup

Cut crease is basically creating a new crease to alter the shape of the crease. We are not all blessed with perfect almond shaped eyes which aren’t hooded.  So if you have hooded lids or mono lids and want a defined crease and/or if you have smaller eyes and want to make your eyes appear bigger then cut crease is the way to go.

So lets begin. Here is what the final look looks like. Since its a smokey eye look I did the rest of the face makeup later.

cutcrease step by step

Cut Crease Step by Step

First I primed my eyes using a concealer and then set it with powder.

For the next steps refer the collage as per numbers.

  1. I started the look with a medium brown matte eye shadow. I took it on a big fluffy brush and applied it  as my transition shade. This color was not applied heavily, just a light wash of color on the upper crease area.

transition shade

2. Next I took a matte deep orange eye shadow on a smaller blending brush and applied it over the brown eye shadow I just applied on the upper crease. This layering builds depth to the look.

palette best

3. Then I took a matte dark brown eye shadow to deepen up the crease, making sure to not touch the orange shade and make it look muddy.

how to cut crease wiseshe

4. After that I took a flat synthetic brush and applied some concealer on it, and using small movements cut the crease, making sure to not cover all the brown eye shadow on the crease. Once I was satisfied with the shape I set it with a light eye shadow. Next I took a metallic shimmery champagne colored eye shadow and I applied it using a flat shader brush. I wet the brush using a makeup fixing spray and then using the press and slide technique  ( refer video ) I applied the eye shadow. The press and slide method ensures even application of eye shadow .

5. Repeat the same steps on the lower lash line, use the same crease brush used for applying orange eye shadow and smudge the shade on the lower lash line, we want a pretty blown out lower lash line. Using a small detail brush apply the dark brown eye shadow close to the lash line and smudge it along.

6. Apply eyeliner on top and bottom lash line and add mascara and false eye lashes for added drama and your makeup is done.

Face Makeup

For the rest of the face I don’t have a pictorial but I can share the steps and the final look and the products I used to achieve the look.

I started the makeup with applying a makeup fixing spray, I used the NYX matte finish setting spray all over my face, this ensures that my makeup will stay in place and last all day.

how to do cut crease wiseshe

Then I applied the NYX HD foundation in the shade 104.7 all over my face and neck using a beauty blender.  This foundation gives a very healthy look to the skin.

I used an orange color corrector from Kryolan and used a darker concealer MAC prep and prime concealer  in dark to balance out the orangeness under the eyes. Then to add brightness to my under eye area I used the Makeup Revolution concealer in C7 . I used the concealer on my forehead, along the center of my nose, on my cupids bow , on my chin and also along my laugh lines.

Next I took NYX Topaz Tan as contour, and applied it on my forehead, under my cheek bone, along my jaw line, and blended it all using the beauty blender. I used RCMA no color powder to set my under eye area and lightly dusted it all over the face.

cut crease for beginners india

The Blush I used was NYX Ombre Blush with the Wise She blush brush to add color to my cheeks, and for highlighter I used the Maybelline blush quad. I used the same highlighter to add to my inner corner and under brow highlighter.

For lips I lined my lips using a red lip liner and did a soft ombre lips using the NYX liquid suede lipstick in Cherry Skies and Kitten heels.

I hope you all enjoyed this pictorial.



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