Cute Baby Shopping Online :)


Doesn’t these Baby booties brings that awwwwwww factor? I just love these cute booties and they are so soft .Few years back I use to consider buying booties  as waste because Child just throw them away in five -ten minutes but now I realized that all mommies get these for themselves..lolz.

I got these booties online when there was some 50%discount.Costed me INR 100 if I remember correctly

Blue Booties Baby+blue baby booties+blue baby shoes+baby shoes

See ! the rabbit is staring at you ..:P .This is exactly how it was staring at me and wanted me to bring it home .It was of INR 250 and I got these from First cry.

Read – Expecting Baby Wise She 🙂

cute booties for babies+cute baby shoes+soft baby shoes

If I have a baby boy then he is going to hate me for making him wear all girly things..lolz..these butterfly booties stole my heart hence the purchase.

red butterflu booties for babies+red baby booties +red baby shoes

Got this Bib set from Shopper stop in INR 499.By the way buying online is way more cheaper when it comes to baby shopping .One just have to take advantage of the offers at the right time.

Pink baby bibs+pink bibs+bibs +soft bibs

All my friends and family advise me to buy clothes for kids which are for 3 months and above as babies grow really fast but I don’t care.I want to enjoy every single day of motherhood and see my child in so many beautiful things.I will shop more when the baby grows bigger..hahaha…This white baby night suit has pink heart ..I think its a neutral dress for both boy or a girl so I bought it :p

new born baby clothes+babyclothing India

I want to try every kind of baby nappy /diapers and  analyse which one works the best so got all these and 2-3 kinds more.The one in green is a flip hook & loop baby nappy cover which is not available in shops and online it was of  INR 1100 .I then searched on ebay and found a fantastic deal.These are re usable diapers and got them in INR 549.

For the first month my mom has stitched some 80-90 “use and throw diapers” which are so cute.I will show them to you so that Mommie  to be can have an idea how to stitch them 🙂

Types of babies diapers+types of diapers+baby diapers

Now coming to the best ever gift I received…Other day I asked Zee if she could search for some links of Boppy pillow in India on ebay as all were available in INR 5000 which I found expensive.I really wanted it but in India as these are not that popular it was difficult to get a good deal and the vary next day I received a huge packet which had Boppy in it.I don’t know how  and from where she got  it from  but she is an ultimate shopping queen and a friend .

This pillow is best used for feeding baby and helps in relieving stress from your back, neck and shoulder.When the baby is 3-4 month old S/he can play and sit in it.Its just a fantastic thing  and what more its pink 😀

boppy pillow india+bobby pattern designs


What sites and places do you suggest for baby shopping ?


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  1. ooooo…so cuuuteeeee.. love them all Ana… esp the butterfly shoes…and the boppy pillow will be real handy

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww pampered prince/princess ur son/daughter wud be..A!!

    I wish I wud be ur Baby to enjoy all this stuf..lucky kid!loved all the stuff here! :cute: :inlove: :heart: :rose: :yes:

  3. awww… jus experienced all these stuff.. my son is in his 9th month now… i agree wid ppl who say don buy clothes for lil once.. u never realise wen they out grow… n nappies u need hell lotta them… but i sooooo love al those booties…. dam dam cute… hey buy baby clothes during sales… they r the best buys!!! n MAX also… its quite reasonable… n get gud slp… u’l crave for it later… i havn had a nice slp in 10months!!! 🙁 but its awesome to b a mommy n hav some1 who s urs!!! i spoke enough… 🙂 n hey… gud luck… i wish u happy n safe delivery in advance.. :hug-makeup:

    • Thanks Salma…i hardly sleep any way so i don mind waking up for my child ..and i am definitely going to buy all baby clothes in sale only ..shopper stop is quite expensive so better deal will be online shopping only.
      and yur baby is 9th month must be a proud momaaa na 🙂

      • O I am…. Every act o his is “o soo cute”…… But I am series abt the slp thing… Even I used to feel that way… N a month before Ur due date Ur gonna feel any pain s labor… Lol… I was so anxious.. I ran into false labor twice.. N went for induced labor on the due date.. Lol… Excuse my story I jus love talkin abt the whole experience… 🙂

  4. OMG all these things are soooooo lovely,…. specialy those sky blue cute booties :heart: :heart:
    nd even i have this kind of pillow in blue nd red… :hug-makeup:
    my mom even used this for my brother too 😀 😀

  5. Aww, cute stuff. My mom did not allow me to get any things before the baby was born because its something religious in south. I love baby shopping. You have been lucky since you got many online stores to get baby stuff. When i was pregnant these sites were not there. I use to go to baby shops and get stuff. Each shopping a new baby shop 😛 Just love how they display clothes in those shops so tempting. Especially the girl baby dresses are to die for. I have all the cute dresses and booties and jwellery my son wore. I am collecting them 🙂

    Loved your choices of dresses. And one more thing. Don’t go by the SA’s cloth sizes. Babiescan be bigger than the clothes they show you. Just make sure that you buy an extra size. Its always better 🙂

    • i am glad that i got to shop before the baby is born othewise i would have missed lot of fun Indu 🙂 and how sweet is that…u r collecting all the stufff of your baby..

      i will definitely buy the extra Daddy will keep the babby and iwill just check it on the baby and have fun ..hahhaha

  6. awww…so cute Ana!! love them all!! thanks for the tips…my friend is due anyday and i just cant wait to buy and buy and buy!! like everyone else i am hoping i get a niece 😀

    ur kid’s so lucky to have u as a mother…all the pillows and dresses and the nappies…well they are so so so cute!!

    • Vaish..i think i am lucky to have a child..nowadays things r not that easy na…and every one wants girlssssssss..

        • Yup! when i go to doc out of 25 women just 3-4 are preggi rest are there for treatments..its sad but a harsh reality which so many of us are facing.

  7. Awwww the stuff is too cute … reminds me of my time … 🙂 those cravings.. pampering .. extra caring..:) 🙂 more shopping for myself.. as i was growing in size 🙁 frequent trips to loo .. backache., pain in legs was crazy.. i used to miss sleeping on my stomach.. 😛
    My mother and mother in law didnt allow me to buy clother before the baby was born.. My daughter is 4.5 years ols and the first year all she wore was gifted suff.. it was sooo much that i didnt had to buy clothes for her..SHe is the first child of her generation and we have a big extended family.. Also kids clothing wasnt that easily available online.. i remember the first time i went shopping for her was for her First birthday and that was the day when i realised that it is such fun shopping for kids.. specially girls.. 🙂 I love shopping and i love to dresss my daughter .. i had a baby boy last november and this time i had searched all the websites beforehand and made my wishlist.. 🙂 then i asked my mom n husband to get me all of the stuff. even now i keep buying something or the other for both my kids.. for me too .. both online and offline
    and that feeding pillow.. is a blessing trust me.. i have used it in both my cases.. its available at Mom n me stores for some 1400/- i guess I bought it for Rs. 500 from Nutan Pandit.. I went to her for Lamaze classes 🙂 I wud suggest u to do practice some breathing exercises.. it really helps during labor and in normal delivery…. i will try and google it for.. Since u r in delhi now u can consult nutan mamt if u want.. i can connect u to her …
    which hospital u will be going to ?? let me know if u need any kind of help.. I will be more than happy to do that for u 🙂 🙂
    good luck !!
    loads of love

    • Hi Aditi….thas so shopping is so so much fun..i love it and u r so right that shopping for boys is so monotonous..every time i visit the store and find there is so much for the girls ..i wish i have a baby girl and get to shop each and every tiny thing for her.:)

      I do practice some of the breathing exercise and my doctor is fab..since the time i have returned back and met her all my leg pain and constant loo issue have been resolved.

      thank u so much for giving the tips they are really going to help..only thing which is annoying the Delhi heat..i don like to stay in AC all the time and this heat is just sucking my cool.

  8. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww awwwwwwwwwwww omg those booties are super cool, even i like collecting them (but my sis took it from me 😐 ) i like displaying these in the car 😛 😛 looks super cute, and that rabbit 😀 :clap: waiting for the day to come Ana :yippee: :dance-left-right: :hug-makeup: :-* :-*
    bhabs ur too sweettttttt :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: Godbless u :-*

  9. ana am soooo happy to see all these ….and Zara is such a sweetheart to gift you amazingggggg thing … :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

  10. Awww all of these look so cute and adorable Ana! :hug-makeup: Ur baby is so lucky to have a momma like u and Zee you are an amazing friend and of course our shopping queen too. 😀 Never thought that expecting could be so much fun. 😉 Lolz. Enjoy your days Ana and sleep well at night. :-* Hv a healthy baby :hug-makeup:

    • thank u thank u ! even i never thought that being preggi will be so much fun also….loving every moment of it ..::):)

  11. ya.. superb shopping.. so glad online shopping is here now..when i had nephew there was nothing.. u will get a LOT OF clothes n baby kits as gifts… so that will come handy… ya booties will be all over the place n they get lost like socks n u will be left with one of everything 🙂
    What is the use of that pillow???? can somebody explain.. never seen it
    Ana.. register at its an awesome site with everything on pregnancy n babycare.. Each month they will send u valuable tips.. It helped my sister so much…. :hug-makeup:

  12. How cuuuute is that?!!! Loved everything Ana….lovely selection :hug-makeup: U HAVE to go to “Mothercare” atleast once. It’s a store that’s owned by shoppers stop. It’s like baby heaven! :inlove:

  13. I agree with online shopping Ana . . . Its much better. When I was in India I used to get my sons Diapers online only. But dress shopping I did myself. My hubby got loads of stuff for him to wear when he came to US a yr back.

    Diapers I suggest Pampers Imported( from middle east). I have tried pampers India, Pampers Imported, huggies and mamy poko.
    Huggies – My son got scratches on the sides coz’ it wasn’t smooth enough for baby skin.
    Mamy poko – If its full its overflows, as in it starts flowing out.
    Pampers India – It gave him a wet feeling
    Pamper Imported – God Sent. Many ppl I know use it. I order the big bag from First Cry or Baby Oye. After he started standing I started the pampers pants. I luv it. Its so easy to put it on him.

    From Max and theres an export surplus garment i get casual wear to wear at home and from lifestyle and liliput I get other stuff. I agree abt the size. Till now I get the next size for him. If i get the correct size he can harldy use it for 2 months. He grows out of them.

    • now how will i get papmers imported Snandha…and size..ok i will start getting bigger once i know abt the sex of the child….oh god! All mommies here are so helpful and its so much fun to read all your experience here 🙂

      • Most shops have pampers imported ones Ana..just check the label..its easily available in every department store even.. buy size Small now for newborn..Pampers is the best diaper.. me tooo agree…I think they have special ones for newborns now.. newly added..

        • i agree with ife and sunanda.. some indian shops stock pampers made in middleeast.. huggies and pampers are best.. i have another brand here in saudi called babyjoy that suits him the best.. never try snuggies it didnt suit my son at all, it overflowed.. mamy poko suits toddlers when toilet training is started for them and they start urinating less in diapers.. 🙂

          • for a month i will be using use and throw only..i don want my baby to wear diapers right from the day she is born ..i think i am going to love changing diapers:P

            • I wud suggest wipro diapers A.. They r reasonable n very gud. Best in the market I feel.. I’ve tried mamy Poko pants, pampers n al I feel wipro s the best….

                • hehe….i tried quite a handful of brands too. Pampers and huggies r the best esp. huggies dry comfort. Wipro leaked 🙁 Btw…if u buy huggies, u get loyalty coupons inside each packet. Do save and collect them. U can exchange them for free gifts 🙂

      • Chk firstcry and babyoye. For new borns they have pampers new baby and then u start buying pampers active baby. And in the sites they wud have mentioned it as imported. Sometimes they are available in stores but in the websites u get it at discount upto 15%

  14. lovely.. I bought similar stuff too.. Btw, I bought the pillow for Rs.3000 approx in a shop called Just Born here in chennai.. but that was two yrs back.. But Ana, my son refused to lie on that.. It was a total waste.. He was very much comfortable in my arms.. 🙂

  15. So cutee 🙂 the bunny is real cute!! and the boppy pillow is such a reliever for your back and neck! Real sweet of your friend 🙂

  16. Also, Ana go for tops with front or back buttons.. avoid clothes with no buttons, i mean those which can only be worn lifting the baby’s neck esp.. for new born babies.. as ur child grows, u can try different clothes..:)

  17. ya Ana stock up on front button tops n housecoats. for u too…. and wraparound skirts are great to wear initially …. buy kurtis/kurtas with front open buttons..

  18. Everything is soooo cute yaar! Those girly shoes stole my heart away! If you have a baby girl, she will feel sooo lucky to have you as mother! 🙂

  19. Lovely and cute stuff Anamika! 🙂
    Love the booties, especially the red ones 🙂
    Such a sweet gesture from Zara! 🙂
    Are you going to do a compilation post on the diapers 😉
    Gud luck! Have fun! 🙂

  20. @ Manya — i hope she does :):) i will be fortunate 🙂

    @Padmaha– diaper compilation post..not thought of it yet 🙂

  21. Cloth Diapers are now a rage in the US..and in India people are turning more towards disposables..Chk out for variety of cloth diapers..there is so much variety that we can break our head over what to buy..

    Can you tell me where we can buy cloth Diapers in India? I’ll ask my mum to pick up some..its way cheaper than the ones you get here..

  22. Ana.. I didn’t know you are expecting.. wow that’s a great news..
    Loved the stuff you got..

    Stay cheerful.. do things that make you happy… have a safe labor dear

    May you and the little one be blessed :-))


  23. OMG!!! Ana such beautiful Shopping.. Such cute stuffs…You are really a smart buyer !!! I want them all for my sweet little joy too… 🙂 Specially Boppy one where to order it online in India pls let me know. Or i should Call Zara for online shopping!

    My Gosh… Cant wait for baby shopping and Baby!… Hey I was just thinking how cute your little, cute sweet beautiful baby must be looking… !:dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: Put the pic ASAP after delivery,, We all will be waiting curiously :yippee:
    With lots of Love :heart:

  24. Hey do check FabIndia for baby clothes. They have some cute stuff even for new borns!
    I had a hard time finding nice little things for new borns, and found the fabIndia stuff much later. You will love it if you love their other ethnic blockprint dresses

    • seriously!….i will just check but thing is my mom wont let me buy more clothes..i know all my relatives will fill me with clothes only 🙁

      • yea ana…it’s a good idea not to buy clothes. u will be FLOODED with gifts esp since it’s ur 1st child. I hardly bought anything for a year and a half!!

  25. so cute. feels so nice that ur enjoying every bit of ur time to welcome the baby.

    makes me feels sad for myself as i missed out these things when i was carrying.

  26. I really feel like getting one more myself, looking at the booties and the cute bibs…….awwwwwwwwwwww :-* :-* :-*

  27. … and buy ur cribs from mom & me. they are super cute and very useful till they start sitting and standing in the crib.
    :yippee: :yippee:

    • i will ask my dad to do the heavy purchases and baby daddy will do rest of the purchases..will keep sharing with you guys 🙂 cant wait .. :yippee: :yippee:

  28. The book ‘pregnancy’ by nutan pandit is an excellent one covering all aspects and very informative . Post preg the feeding apron is very handy whilst bf ur baby.

  29. Hey Ana.. Wanted to ask u as u are shopping for your cute little one these days, Have you decided once your baby is born which shampoo and soap u are going to use ? As u know even J&J is also not so mild as we think . My DD is in October1 🙂 I was searching for some good mild soap and shampoo for my baby 🙂
    So thought of asking you. Pls let me know if u find any. I am damn sure u must be finding the best in all for ur sweety pie ! 🙂 Thanx

      • Thanx Salma for ur reply. I saw it online. It says both shampoo and bar is Free from nitro-mochus compounds, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, dioxan. So you think its free of SLES and all harsh chemicals and preservatives?

        • not sure shilpa.. hav to check that… You get body wash liquid also.. i have used both soap n wash.. personally lik soap coz the liquid is gud too but gives that slippery feel.. so m jus scared baby might slip.. :P.. but was recommended by my sis.. i asked my ped also she said its a nice brand.. J&J is sad.. says for babies but its not mild n al.. n stock up even seba med diaper rash.. its a wonder.. jus a dot o it wil help it heel..

          • Thanx for ur input Salma. . Let me try the brand and sure give an update! As u said J&J is really sad , so out of my shopping cart!And Diaper rash cream is a good tip.Wanted ask which body lotion or anti stretch mark did u use in ur pregnancy? right now am using TBS cocoa body butter and no other creams. ! am dare enough not to use any !!! :pain:

  30. Hi…
    Lovely shopping…
    Planning to do same for my baby…
    Could u plz tell me how to get Boppy Pillow in Mumbai?
    I read about it and really think it might be useful since I am due next week.

    Also, when is your due date???

  31. The booties are adorable! Btw, Anamika I realized only recently that I was no longer getting wiseshe updates on my blogger and/or Google Reader – had to add the URL again – I guess I missed a lot of updates! COngratulations on this new phase in your life – I am sure you are super excited! all the best!

  32. Hey anamika, i have been missing your posts from a long long time..its been a few months since i last visited your site..dint know you are pregnant..congratulations dearie..loved all your purchases..

    Boppy is one of the BEST purchases..i have used it extensively after delivery..One question, what prenatals are you using , if you dont mind sharing the can email me if you are not comfy to share here..hope my email will be visible to you..

  33. umm..well nice post , I have a 5 yr old son and he have his birthday on 8 Sep, he is really very excited for his birthday but he is more excited about the dress he will wear on her birthday. so i was searching for Baby boy Clothes in India and got redirected to your blog. This post is really very nice and helpful..!! thanks for sharing. It really helped.


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