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Hiya girlies!

So here I am once again with another post. I’ve been thinking for a while to do a nail art tutorial for the guest post but I was busy and lazy: p . Anyway I finally got over my laziness and also got some free time so here is a Cute Panda couple nail art tutorial . I’m not gona say much and bore you all. I bet you guys are dyinggg to see it 🙂


Pink panda nail art tutorial+Nail art tutorial Pink panda+teddy bear nail art tutorial


Nail polishes used for the Nail Art :-


  • White- Envy nail color Funny bunny(from health and glow)
  • Black- VOV  mlc no. c/941
  • Pink – colorstreet nail color no.108
  • Red – street wear fiery femme 18
  • Top clear coat – colorstreet nail color no.101


Nail Art Tutorial steps :-


  • Apply base color pastel pink and make a big white dome directly with the nail polish brush.


colorstreet nail color no.108 nail paint+pink nail art



  • Use a toothpick/dotting tool to make 2 eyes with black polish and make conical outline of ears


indian nail art pink nail art tutorial+Nail art+Nail art pictures
  • Fill the ears with black polish and make the mouth with brush/anything thin.Put a white dot in the centre of the black eyes to complete it.
VOV  mlc no. c941 NAIL POLISH
  • Do the same for the other nails (create a cute red bow for the female panda).Make French tips for the remaining nails with black polka dots created using dotting tools/tip of tooth picks.Finish off with clear top coat .
pINK Polka dot nail art tutorial
And behold your panda couple is ready (please ignore the thumb panda- he s also in love with the female panda and is stalking her )lol

P.S. I used toothpicks for all the dots and curves . The power lies in your creativity J and no…i don’t own a dotting tool lol (I’m always too broke to buy it – but  never broke to buy lippies and nail polish :p- guilty as charged!!)


Have a great Sunday !


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  1. wowww phil…this is very cute! cute story..cute nails n even cute panda’s… creativity rocks..
    u made it so simple and all the things u need for this is already lying in ur house! great work! :tap-dance: : :rock-n-roll: :handshake:

  2. This is the cutest thing I have ever come across! 🙂
    Hi, I’ve followed your blog for sometime, but this happens to be my first comment.

  3. its so nice….I saw similar one in Cutepolish video channel but you rocked it :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: ….thumb panda is soo hilarious…stalking her…HA HAHA… 😎 😎 😎 😉

    • Hi Kiran…Its def worth it..ts amazing the diff designs one can come up with..and we hav so many put up here on WiseShe also…Enjoyyy!!!


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