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Hi to all. I am going to review the Dabur Uveda Face Scrub .

It is usually advised to scrub your face once a week. It not only removes the dead skin cells but also boosts up the health of your skin making it smooth, replenishes the lost nutrients and moisture in the skin leaving it fresh. This was the claim of my new beauty enhancing asset from Dabur Uveda range. The face scrub from dabur is attractive because of two reasons, firstly because of its Ayurveda background and secondly it brings a hope in your heart because of its strong claims 😉 for example see the image below:



Dabur Uveda Face Scrub Review+the best skin care products


Now who would mind buying it? 😉

Talking about the price, it is affordable at the rate of 165 INR for a tube of 100gms, but there is a long list of ingredients mentioned on its back side. I would tell you only the active ingredients and the work they do as per the description:

  • Akshot powder gently removes the dead skin and blackheads
  • Aristak, along with other ingredients help remove deep seated impurities from the clogged pore
  • Madhu, along with other ingredients helps to replenish moisture
  • Haridra and daraharida, along with other ingredients help lighten the skin tone


Dabur Uveda Face Scrub Review Details+skin care reviews


My experience with Dabur Uveda Face Scrub:

I was happy initially with its fragrance which soothes your nose and the tiny beads which actually works. When applied on to the face with wet hands, it works wonders.

It make your skin very soft and smooth after the wash. So the results were up to the mark as per the claims. Using it once a week can lighten your skin tone that sounds a bit weird.


Dabur Uveda Face Scrub Review Tube+skin care brand


I have been using it since 1 month but I have noticed anything of such kind. In nutshell the product is good and worth trying if you actually need a scrub that can give your skin a smooth finish.


Dabur Uveda Face Scrub Review Hand Swatch+skin scrub


What I like about Dabur Uveda Face Scrub:

  • Inexpensive
  • Results are good in just one wash
  • Fragrance is appealing

What I don’t like about Dabur Uveda Face Scrub:

  • Packing is very boring kind with the similar red signature colour of the company 🙁
  • The cream base of the face scrub is more in quantity as compared to the tiny beads which actually scrub the face.

Would I buy it again?

I am in a dilemma right now, but I think I would because of the quality of work it does. 🙂

So gurlies I felt I should share my experience with you so that when you grab it from a nearby store, you don’t have to think twice. Until next time take care and have fun 🙂


Have you tried Dabur Uveda Face Scrub?


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    • thanks hina..even my skin was acne prone so i used products cautiously. but this one can be tried without the risk of break out. 🙂

    • thanks dharani.. i have tried many scrubs but loved this one. i have never prepared a scrub at my home :(, will surely try someday.

  1. Nice review Megha. does decent soap huh?? shld be tried once I guess it can exfoliate my whiteheads ?? hain na? wat u say


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