Dabur Vatika ++ Hair Oil DIY


Dabur Vatika ++ Hair Oil DIY

Summers in India are surely not a great time for anything, be it hair or skin. The hot and humid climate makes things worse. The skin behaves abnormally and the hair texture is just so annoying that you don’t feel like styling them anymore. Either you tie it in a bun or just chop them off and sport a short hairstyle throughout the season.

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Well, sometimes I wonder about the short hair trend that has hit the people recently as everyone is getting hair cut done! I don’t know if that is actually a makeover style trick or just an easy escape to save you from the everyday struggle of hair care and hair styling.

I have waist long hair and I literally love them to the core. And I do go for trimming them once in a while but honestly I hate cutting my precious locks which take time in growing back to the same length.

Well, I really like to do a lot of styling on my hair and I straighten or curl my hair almost three times a week, which is kind of a little damaging to my hair strands also because of the unfavorable climate which doesn’t allow the hair to retain the normal texture . The hair-strands are so rough and frizzy and on top of that constant blow drying throughout the week makes the hair really damaged.

Hair Oil DIY

Also because I use these heat styling appliances, I keep using the heat protecting sprays or serums so as to protect my hair from the heat styling, but most of these products are chemicals and who knows if they are doing more bad to my hair than doing good to them. Many times when females shampoo their hair, they complain about hair fall and that no hair will remain in their head with the growing age.

Well, with so many hair issues all I want is something which will solve out these issues and save the hair from the damaging effects and hair fall.

Well, comes to my rescue Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil, it is certainly good for keeping the hair strands strong and healthy from the roots. It improves blood circulation and the hair texture is retained to quite a great extent.

The oil is itself very much like a hair spa treatment which you get in salons. It ensures the overall nourishment and conditioning of the hair and the scalp. I am looking forward to trying some DIYs also using this hair oil for reverse the damaging effects of the climate and the heat styling.

Stay tuned till then! And say #ExcuseMeNot with Vatika

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