Dark Circle Under Eyes Problem & Suggestions


Priyanka B asks,

I have dark circles…. it can be visible when some one  cum near to me… its really embracing and  become unconfined…. please tell me by using which product i can hide my dirk circles, what will be the cost of that product and also the  tips to apply ….please help me out..


dark circle reduction suggestions


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  1. I too have dark circles.These are the tips which work for me
    1.Apply potato juice everyday.I am doing this from 3 months and I can see the difference

    2.Every morning apply cucumber slices.
    It opens up the eyes and reduce the puffiness.

    3.After coming back from sunlight rest your eyes.
    Put a face wipe in freezer take it out after 30 minutes and keep it on your eyes for atleast 20 minutes.

    4. If you have very dark circles then do not apply kajal on lower lash line.

    5. Use light colours of eye shadows if you are not going for the concealer.

    6. Most important is to drink plenty of water atleast 6 glasses per day.

    7. Last but not the least one is to have eight hours sleep.

    That is it !

  2. hey!i’ve had dark circles since i was a kid..the derma i went to said they were hereditary.. before i met my derma i had tried everyhing under the sun! but no results.. then my dermatologist asked me to use this cream-REJUDERM (comes in a jar.. price- 365 bucks for 50 grams..n a lil goes a long way!) i’ve been usin it religiously for the past 4 months n my dark circles have reduced by 75%!
    definitely give this one a try..its the best cream for darkcircles..it not only lightens them,it makes the areas around the eyes look healthy..
    as to how to use it: i use it only in the night coz its a lil heavy, n i put a thick layer around my eyes,it gets absorbed by mornin..try it ,yu wont regret it!

  3. Yes, rejuderm is a great product for reducing blemishes, also, I have found out that drinking LOTS of water and sleeping in the right time, and for at least 7 hours keeps them at bay. Also, a very important question – why do you have dark circles? If you have it because you dont sleep, then these will help. if you have dark circles because of your glasses, use lightweight frames and very light lenses. That helps too.


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