Dark Makeup Looks To Try This Halloween


Dark Makeup Looks To Try This Halloween

Halloween is almost here and now we celebrate it at quite a lot of places in our country as well. People dress up their spookiest best for the day but I am sure that not all girls are comfortable with looking too scary. What you can do is wear dark makeup that is inspired by vampires and witches etc. I have put together some makeup looks that you can sport this halloween without scaring people too much 😛

Sexy Vampire Makeup

Vampire eye makeup tutorial

Here’s a very simple sexy vampire eye makeup with red and black color influence. Use one shade lighter foundation, conceal blemishes, powder your face well. Contour with a soft brown shade, and place a soft red blush on the corners of cheeks. Highlight the cheek bones. For lips, start off by applying some concealer on lips, powder them a bit. Then outline your lips using either dark red or black lip liner, any of your choice. Fill in your lips with the same liner from outer corners bringing in and leaving some gap in the middle of your lip, do same for you upper lip also. Fill the middle gap with a soft red color, Now layer on some clear gloss.

Black Makeup

Gothic look black lipstick FOTD

Going all black on lips and eyes is another look that you can try for halloween. Create a look on Gothic Style Black lipstick. You don’t need any black lipsticks for that. You can easily use certain things which are mostly available in our vanity. For lips you will need a ,atte black eyeshadow, lip brush and little amount of thick moisturizer. Next take a small lump of thick moisturizer and scratch little bit of matte black eyeshadow with the help of lip brush and mix them well. Your Black Lipstick is ready to apply. Black eyes can be created easily with gel eyeliner. This is an easy vampy look.

Sultry Witch Makeup

makeup looks for halloween

Green is the color to go. A heavily shimmery green eyeshadow goes all over the lids. Use a pale green to give definition to eyes. Black eye liner and mascara will be the next steps. Green rhinestones applied on the corners of eyes will deepen the impact. Here the eyebrow shape has been distorted a bit for a really witchy look. You can just darken your brows too. Red or deep plum lips are the way to go.

Deep Teal Makeup

dark makeup looks for halloween (1)

This look needs a little extra courage. Use a teal or emerald green eyeshadow on lids. A white eye shadow will go under the eyes. Then line your eyes heavily with a jet black eyeliner. The eyeliner should also outline the white on lower lash line. Wear dramatic fluttering eyelashes. You can also wear falsies that have rhinestones on them. The same teal eyeshadow can be used to create the lipstick with the help of a moisturizer.

Sexy Devil Makeup

dark makeup looks for halloween 2015

You will need a metallic black eye shadow and a red one to create this look. Apply red eye shadow all over your eyelids. Apply black on the crease.  Create ‘V’ on both outer and inner corners. Use a shimmery burgundy shade under your brows. Line your upper and lower lashline with black liner and wear mascara. You can wear falsies too. A blood red lipstick will look great. You can also go for ombre lips with black if you want.

Which Dark Makeup Looks are you going To Try This Halloween?

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