Dark Patches In Underarms – Solution


Kankika asks,

Is there any way of getting rid of the dark patches in underarms ? I have tried many home remedies but they don’t work .I don’t have the patience to try them also.Please help.


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  1. kanika i too had this problem.. and unfortunately.. more u wax or shave the darker ur underarms will become.If you can ,the i would suggest laer hair removal.. It really wore

  2. i can be expensive.. i did it at kaya for 2.5 k per session.u need ab 6-8 at monthly intervals.Thoda sa dukhta hain par they numb it down by applying a cream.I had to do it coz i was getting heavy ingrowth and the doc said it will just get worse

  3. My experience is waxing is the best. And waxing with natural wax not the lippo(silicon/plastic based) wax that you get these days. Hair removing creams are the worst they definitely darken the skin. Lazer no experience.

    For already darkened skin, I heard rubbing potato works. Cut the potato into half and rub the starch. Not sure how effective but a naturopathy practitioner told me this.

  4. I think you should talk to your dermatologist for giving a TCA peel, works best for underarm darkening ! And yes in 4-5 sessions of laser, you might almost get rid of underarm hair 🙂 🙂

  5. What I did is this. I stopped removing the hair completely for 1 or 2 months and started scrubbing daily with a somewhat harsh loofah during bathing. I waxed again after 2 months and the darkness was gone. I have seen that shaving causes the darkness in my case so I never shave, I’ll rather wear long sleeved tops than shave now.

  6. i too had underarm dark patches.. but nothing very bad..

    i stuck to twice a week scrubbing & moisturising the area… only hot waxing & no direct deos or any other product on the area..

    daily scrubbing with a soft loofah helps immensely.. u shud start seeing results in 2 months…

    i hv now got rid of them & so very happy… 🙂


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