Dark Patches On Underarms & Frizzy Hair Problem – Suggestions



dark patches on skin solution


Deepa asks,

Hope you are well. Firstly, I would want to acknowledge the fact, that this blog is explicitly informative about any product or any beauty hazards. Kudos to you for keeping it so!

I write to you in need of good recommendations for two of my problems.


Problem #1: Hair

Wavy in appearance & medium soft in texture; no shine unless I do something about it. Have dandruff, to which I use 8X shampoo every alternate wash. Currently using Sunsilk Black shampoo for regular wash [which is about 3 times in a week]. Issue is – I have a lot of frizz only on the crown area; it increases even more when I use the dandruff shampoo. Is there any solution for this – natural/chemical?


Problem #2: Underarms

Got a hard-wax done in August, which burnt out the skin up to 80%; a dermatologist helped regain. However still have 5% of dark patches visible to which I was prescribed a medicated soap to attain fairness; that didn’t work. Is there any other way that I could gain back my previous texture, colour? I have read about Nature’s Essence – Lacto Tan Clear, can be it applied to underarms?


Thank you in advance 🙂



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  1. Problem no. 1 … Use a good serum. I personally am in love with loreal tech ni art. For starters you might try pocketfriendly ranges like matrix biolage !

    Problem no. 2 : Visit your dermatologist and ask him/her to prescribe a hypopigmenting cream like hydroquinone or a chemical peel. Will definitely help !

  2. Hiya Deepa,
    For prob 1: Use a brush while combing ur hair, a flat n wide hair brush not a comb, if you blow dry ur hair then too it will help to keep your crown hair less frizz free along with any of the above serum mentioned by Rashmi. Also for your dandruff do try out Nezoral shampoo for hair wash n use a good hair mask after that twice a week.

    Prob 2: Use Mederma on that wound, I have had severe accident wounds all over my arms n legs n their marks faded drastically coz of this,it works for any kinds marks & pigmentation,hope this helps, TC

  3. Hey Deepa!
    You can even use a small amount of olive oil on your towel dried hair as a serum (just on the length of your hair).
    Just a small amount is enough. Just as much as you may use any hair serum. You can increase or decrease the quantity gradually as per your requirement. It has helped me.. it does’nt make my hair appear oily though i have an oily scalp.


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