Dark Spots On Face – Suggestions


Saima asks

I m 20 year old,my face colour is medium,And i have darkspot on my face,so plzzz suggest suitable whitening and darkspot removing cream for me



dark spot removal suggestions



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  1. depends on your budget. Vichy’s bi-white night reveal is very good, but it takes upto 4 weeks of continued use for proper results.

  2. Hi Saima,
    Its very important to understand the root cause of the dark spots.
    It might be sun burn, pigmentation or deficiency of vitamins.
    So I would recommend you to consult a dermatologist first and then only use medicated creams.
    Alternatively you can try a home-remedy…Mix a pinch of turmeric with a tea spoon of honey.
    Apply it on the affected area and message for a while. Wash of with plain water after 10 minutes.
    With repeated use you will notice the difference.
    Hope this was helpful 🙂

  3. I used fab india de pigmentation cream it started showing results in a months time. Most often our simple mark on face gets aggravated when we don’t take proper sun protection so make sure you wear an spf in sun. Also you can try home remedies there are many though personally i tried honey+lemon juice on spots (lemon juice do patch test) and it showed reduced intensity of spots.

  4. but is it OK 2 use honey on skin??? i hav heard that applying honey makes ur hair colour white!!! i dont know whether its true?? help plz!!!

  5. i suggest u to use curd+rice flour apply for 15-20 min..in a week u can see reduction of ur spots not only the spots get reduced but ur tone also vl increase this u can apply daily..iam using it…nd iam so happy with results


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