Dark underarms and weak fingernail – Wise She reader question


m an follower of ur blog. (read religious follower) I absolutely love the posts, coz somewhere ladies search for honest product reviews, tips, which they can use to enhance their beauty. So a heartful thanks for this.

I have 2 queries. One i have short nails, with round kin of shape….i wanna grow my nails…Can u suggest something plzzz???

and second one, can u give some tips on underarm pigmentation…It has been the greatest problem for me till date? How sad i must be, i cant wear any sleevless stuff?? plz help!!!! 🙁 🙁

Thank you!!!
Keep writing!!!!


Hi Seema,

Thank you for your kind words.You guys make me feel wonderful.I hope I do well in future as well.

Dark underarms home remedies

For dark underarms exfoliate them every alternate day.You can rub tomato for 10 -15 minutes .Apply vitamin E oil or coconut oil before going to bed.Do this religiously you will see difference with in one or two month.

Week nail

Take Biotin supplement and use colorbar nail treatment.

Massage your nails with coconut oil or extra virgin oil.Buff your nails when ever watching TV or in your free time.For detail post click here

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  1. great tips anamika..!! ..

    but if someone use razor for underarms.. they might turn black!

    in case seema is using razor for removing hairs..
    she should try and go for wax..

  2. Hi anamika! Thank-you so much for ur reply!!!
    @ Candy n anamika — i only go for waxing! and i dont use deodrants co they not only darken up the area but also cause irritations! Perfumes are good always!
    BTW thanks once again to u people, u r doin a fab work!!!

  3. LOLZ ANAMIKA…wo to hai! sab ke sab pangebaaz hai! isliye sabse jhagda hota rehta hai 😛 😛
    oopz finally back to bak bak mood 😛 :P..
    kk! shopping list banani padegi… firse..
    mummiiee already kangaal hu ye anamika mujhe sadak tak pahucha degi! :(..
    [email protected] seema..

    wah brave girl…
    i bought silk epil of braun.. and i still cant use it for underarms 🙁 🙁
    m afraid 🙁

  4. body shop ka deo kisne bola 🙁 🙁 ab agar body shop jaungi to aisa to hai nai ki sirf body shop se laut aungi ek hi cheez le ke 🙁

  5. yes deodorant turns the skin dark, how awful!
    Rubbing lemon seems to help too, I tried it once
    but keep forgetting to do it so don't know yet if
    it really works and if it's not harmful for my skin?
    will try the tomato thing an the oil. should it
    be applied every night?

  6. using lemon may harm the skin so mix it with cucumber juice..and i know as it is difficult to for u to do that..just apply vitamin E or coconut oil every night and scrub your underarms while taking bath.this is the quickest method which i can suggest 🙂

  7. sunaina.. so true…!! lemon helps for sure… but why arent there any easy solutions 🙁 :(..
    same thing wid foods..
    why all yummiiee food is in category of "non healthy" food

  8. :O :O :O bad luck thik ho na ho! mera sir zaroor kharab ho jayega..
    hey bhagwaaan ye ladki mujhe itni jaldi hell bhejna chahti hai! :((

  9. Us ke liye bhaut mehnat karni padti hai….khoob saare jhoot or shariifoo ko sooli pe chandana padta hai..will u be able to handle this tough job ..?

    maine to apni booking kara li hai(note mere source hai ) 😀


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