Dark Underarms Causes And Creams In India


Dark underarms causes and creams in India

There are certain parts of the body where the skin sensitivity is a little more in comparison to other areas. One such part of the body is the underarm area. This area of the skin experiences pubic hair and due to these unwanted hair women get rid of them through various methods like shaving, waxing etc.


causes of dark underarms


The tendency to re-grow from time to time makes the hair removal process a tiring job. Also they cause bad body odor because of which it is better to get rid of them every once in a while. Talking about personal grooming, the unwanted hair on the body parts which are exposed to human eyes need to be made presentable otherwise they create an unattractive impression in front of the onlookers. Women, in general, keep the underarm area free from those unwanted hair in order to wear sleeveless clothes without any hesitation and to keep the underarm area free from any bacterial problem due to sweating.

Sometimes it is commonly observed in many females that they complain about their underarm area to be darker in comparison to the normal complexion of the body. There are several things which can be attributed to cause the darkening of the underarm area.

This post discusses all about the various reasons which can be held responsible to cause dark underarms and the various remedies which can be employed to aid skin darkening of the underarm.

Let’s first know about the causes of dark underarms

  • Excessive sweating: Some people are genetically structured in such a way that they experience excess sweating in their underarm area. The constant perspiration causes bacterial growth over the hair follicles present on the underarms which tend to make the skin dry & dead which accumulates over a while and the skin appears to be dark. For this it is essential to get rid of these unwanted hair through safe hair removal methods like waxing so that in spite of the sweating, there is no bacterial actions in that area. Also a good anti- perspiring deodorant should be used but it should be used in limited amount because it may also cause dark underarms if used in excess.


  • Shaving Underarm area: It is important to get rid of hair of the underarm area but that should be done be practicing a safer hair removal option like waxing as it contains honey , lemon and sugar  which are all natural ingredients and act as natural moisturizers for the skin and remove hair from the roots and not only from the surface. It is also seen that constant shaving tends to induce more re-growth and the hair which grows back is harder than before so eventually it becomes difficult to shave them off as they scrap out the protective layer of the delicate skin of the underarm area. The use of hair removing creams too cause skin darkening in the underarms because of the chemicals present in the cream tends to affect the sensitive area by discoloring it.


shaving underarm area


  • Wearing Synthetic clothes: Some people are fond of wearing synthetic clothes which may also be a potential reason for the skin darkening of the underarms as these type of fabrics don’t absorb the sweat and constantly remain on the surface making the underarm area moist and become a breeding ground for bacteria which tend to darken the specific area. For this purpose, it is always advisable to wear cotton fabrics so that all the sweat is absorbed by it leaving the area dry and free from bacteria.
  • Hereditary factors: There are some people who inherit dark underarms by hereditary characters so they are left with some common remedies which can aid them in lightening the skin of the underarms or they eventually opt for laser treatment or chemical peeling for getting rid of dark underarms. Well, that totally needs exert guidance and should be strictly done under medical counseling.

Now here are some creams and lotions which are available in India which can be used in the treatment of dark armpits without undergoing major medical procedures.

Nivea Whitening Deodorant Roll on

This was specifically introduced by the skin care brand to serve the purpose of skin whitening of the dark underarm area. It consists of licorice and witch hazel which are known to remove dark spots and lighten the skin tone of the sensitive area of underarms.


Nivea Whitening Deodorant Roll on


Dove Whitening Silk Dry Deodorant

Similarly, there is another brand of deodorant available in the market which is especially formulated to deal with only the underarm darkening problem.


Dove Whitening Silk Dry Deodorant


Garnier Light Extra Whitening Deodorant

Another addition to underarm skin lightening products is from Garnier and it is enriched with pure lemon extracts which help in making the skin appear lighter with regular use.


Garnier Light Extra Whitening Deodorant


Rexona Skin Light deodorant

This deodorant is enriched with the goodness of sunflower oil & licorice extracts and is effective in the treatment of dark armpits.


Rexona Skin Light deodorant


Hydroquinone Creams

There are other creams which utilize the compound Hydroquinone as it is a perfect skin lightening substance but only limitation of these creams are the irritations it causes on sensitive skin.

Hydroquinone Creams

Common Remedies

  • Coconut oil & Almond oil are known to reduce skin darkening in a slow but safer way.
  • Sandalwood powder has skin lightening properties so it can also be used on dark underarms in combination with rose water.
  • Lemon is a natural bleaching agent so lemon juice can also be applied to reduce the pigmentation of the underarms.
  • Turmeric & Gram flour are also commonly used methods to lighten the underarm area.

How to you treat your dark underarms?

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  1. Yes Nivanya.. my friend told me Nivea whitening one worked very well for her..!
    personally don’t need to use a roll or deo owing to the sparse hair growth in my underarms..so I use normal deo just for fragrance.. 🙂

  2. i started having dark underarms with continued hair removing cream usage..but after i shifted to waxing it helped me a lot to get rid of them..!!!

  3. Hi Rashmi…these creams and deos surely work in keeping the underarm area dry and protect it from bacterial overgrowth…you need to stop the use of depilatory cream or shaving, if you are into it,
    So far nivea one has worked very well for my cousin while a friend was fond of the dove whitening deo..! it depends on the skin I guess..:) give a try to nivea this time 🙂

  4. I have tried to use all the creams as possible but never worked even baking soda has shown no improvement so please tell me wat to do abt the dark underarms

  5. Hi…I hv really dark underarms due to use of hair removal creams before…Bt now I hv switched to waxing and apart from that I hv tried using lemon…coconut oil…and even activated charcoal pack but unfortunately my underarms are not getting lighter….I am really worried because I’m getting married soon so I don’t want to feel embarrassed because of my dark underarms….


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