Dashapushpam Baby Oil For Skin Immunity #OilforCare


Dashapushpam Baby Oil For Skin Immunity

There are so many baby care brands in the market that a mother or an upcoming mother is bound to get confused. Some claim to nourish the skin, other to make it soft but very few does care for the skin! Laden with chemicals, these baby care products make the supple skin of baby rough and accentuate dryness. The most important thing in a baby care product line is the baby oil that we massage every day on the skin. Baby oil not only helps to keep skin moisturised but also aids in the inner and outer growth of the baby. Regular massaging is so important in a baby care routine and if it is a herbal oil that cares for the skin, then nothing can be better than this! Introducing Dashapushpan Baby Oil – An #OilforCare

Dashapushpam – the name itself suggest the main ingredients of the oil i.e Ten Flowers. This oil is made from the goodness of the ingredients of 10 medicinal flowers. Flowers are used for both sacred reasons and beauty benefits. Right from worshipping God to adorning our home to making ourselves beautiful, flowers are used in a variety of ways. Kerela has witnessed this use of the medicinal 10 flowers for a long time. Their Malayali culture from the very old times has always utilised the use of Mother Nature in their life and this 10 flowers is surely one of them.

And Dashapushpam has utilised these essential nutrients of ‘fresh flowers’ to make an oil that heals the skin. Yes, you heard it right. The brand believes that fresher ingredients make better products with all their nutrients and so they are all sourced fresh in the most ethical way and used to blend into the oil. Within 24 hours of their plucking the flowers are converted into oil. So that there is no wastage and every nutrient finds its maximum usage.

About Dashapushpam Baby Oil For Skin Immunity

According to the brand, ” Application of suitable herbs with proven skin rejuvenation capabilities in an oil base helps protect the baby’s skin and nourishes it. The Dasapushpam baby oil contains the extracts of ten medicinal flowers in an oil base. These flowers are preventive & curative both externally and internally. Prepared with appropriate portions of these flowers, Dasapushpam baby oil, once applied optimises the peripheral circulation, stimulates both the sensory and motor nerve endings, removes dead skin and other minute pathogens infesting the skin, expedites the growth and maturity of the skin layer. “

Price: 450 INR for 150 gms. You can get the same from Amazon Here

Now some really important and interesting points about this oil:


No artificial colour. And if you are thinking about the ‘Green’ colour of the oil that is because of the rich and fresh ingredients. Looks herbal to the core!


When we talk about a 100% herbal oil for the baby, the packaging should be really good. Dashapushpam as a brand has even taken care of this minute details. When we pack a herbal oil in a wrong plastic packaging, there is a chance that the oil can rot. And so according to the brand, “We have also taken great care in identifying the right packaging for our Oil. We have made sure the bottle is unbreakable so that it is safe to use around the baby. We have used a High-Quality Premium PET bottle so that doesn’t bend against pressure or react with the oil on longer storage. The inside flip cap makes sure the oil does not spill or leak while you travel.”


This oil is really light and non-greasy. Your baby won’t feel anything on their skin and you can relax as the oil works its wonders.

The Baby Skin

Skin is the most important organ of the body as it spreads all across the body protecting your other organs. Baby skin is extremely delicate and vulnerable to all kinds of environmental pollution and chemicals. It develops with time and if during this development, it doesn’t get the required nutrition, it becomes prone to skin diseases. Dashapushpam Baby oil helps to heal the baby skin making it delicate and healthy. It acts as a preventive oil from both internal and external diseases. The generations of Rav Jedya (Doctors of the Royal Family) recommend this oil and has its benefits written in the ancient Ayurveda texts.

Not only newborns, even their mothers can use this miracle oil right from Day  of their pregnancy throughout the whole period as #WhatsInsideCounts.

No Harmful Ingredients

Dashapushpam Oil doesn’t use any sort of preservatives, chemicals, Phthalates, Dyes, Petroleum products or Petroleum byproducts like Parabens, Mineral Oils, Paraffin, Petrochems etc into your baby oil so your oil is extremely pure and free from all sorts of maleffects.

Dashapushpam cares for your baby like you! It is the #oilforcare.


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