Dates Kheer(Khajoor ki kheer)


Generally we don’t use dates regularly at home. I have come across very few people who are fond of dates. But dates have high amount of nutrition value and should be included in one’s every day diet. Khajoor helps in reducing hair fall too. Below is a Khajoor kheer recipe which can be made for kids as well as young people if they don’t prefer eating it in raw form. This kheer is made without sugar therefore is suitable for all diet conscious for their seldom sweet binge.

Half liter Milk
Dates (800 gm)
Raisins 25gm
Pistachio 10 gm
1. Boil milk in a pan.
2. Remove seeds from all the dates, wash them in clean water and add to the milk.
3. When dates are completely melted, add pistachio and raisins into it.
Your instant and nutritious kheer is ready to be served.


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