Day 3

Applying Foundation With A Blender 

Make Your Own BB Cream If you never find your shade

In a clean small container (I use my finished lip balm jars) add 2-3 tsp of sunscreen in it. An SPF-rich moisturizer will give you both hydration and sun protection throughout the day.

2. Now you want your skin to glow right? We all want that. So for that glowing radiance add 1/4 teaspoon of liquid illuminator to the above moisturiser. Remember to add less illuminator first then increase the quantity .It might be that your illuminator is too strong.

3.Add roughly 1/4 teaspoon of cream concealer to your mixture. This will give you coverage, but since it's cut with moisturizer and illuminator, it will be just the right amount for a smooth, light finish.

4.Mix all three products together thoroughly and apply to your face with your fingers or a brush. Set with a translucent powder to look BB-fresh all day!

This DIY is pretty experimental.You can add or reduce tint of the concealer as per the coverage you need in your bb cream same goes with the illuminator .This is like making your own colour foundation

Wrong ways of Using Your Wise Blender

Wrong ways in which you are using your WISE BLENDER

You are supposed to use it slightly wet. The slightly damp surface area gives you the prefect dewy (wet and glowing) makeup look which is impossible to achieve with makeup brushes alone.

Keep the blender completely wet to use it for a flawless makeup. A half wet makeup sponge may not give you that perfect air brushed effect on the face.

Clean it frequently to reduce product build-up. This way you can reduce the chances of stains or excess product in the sponge.

Never scrub the blender very hard. Gently squeeze the blender to clean it thoroughly.

Not enough soaking the blender can also damage or stain your blender. You can keep it overnight with a cleanser solution to remove tough stains or excess of product absorbed by the beauty blender.  

Storing beauty blender in a tight zip lock bag is not at all advised as that may result in bacterial growth due to dampness. Instead store it in a breathable fabric bag or organza pouch to keep it naturally dry.

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