Days Of Freshness Are Here – Launch Of New LG Nature Fresh Refrigerator


Days Of Freshness Are Here – Launch Of New LG Nature Fresh Refrigerator

It all started with LG launching the new nature-fresh refrigerator. When it comes to fridge ,washing machines or ovens all these kinds of events are exciting for me. I don’t think I would have been able to even write this post if these electric appliances were not available. So, lets get started with Days Of Freshness Are Here – Launch Of New LG Nature Fresh Refrigerator

I mostly go for grocery shopping & keep stuff enough for 3-4days but if not taken proper care, most of the green leafy vegetables turns brown especially if we talk about coriander, spinach and all. Same happens with fruits. Fresh fruits just don’t last for long time and most of the time I end up either throwing them (if rotten) or think of quick fix of juicing them.

So LG now have come up with Internal Constant Temperature control technology for long lasting freshness. The nature fresh refrigerator provides long term storage with no browning.


At the even I met celebrity chef  Vikas Khanna and I was truly impressed by him.

chef vikas khanna

If you don’t believe me then check out how crazy I went when I took a selfie with him. He was very sweet , aware of his domain and best part is that he loves what he is doing. If one gets to live that  life then every moment becomes worth living for.

celebrity chef vikas khanna

New LG Nature Fresh Refrigerator

Chef Vikas Khanna was very happy to launch nature fresh refrigerator especially with the fact that not only there is fast cooling process in the refrigerator but also that it provides even temperature for every corner of the fridge. It also saves more energy with its New Inverter Linear compressor. I am truly tempted even in this chilling winter .

lg days of freshness

Chef Vikas Khanna also made a quick millet salad recipe for us which was a treat to the eyes.

Unlike my refrigerator at home, this one has two compartments where in one can store vegetables and fruits independently and maintain required temperature accordingly.

Some of the amazing features of this refrigerator are-

Internal Constant Temperature control- It ensures that fruits & vegetables remain fresh for a long time which means no more browning of leafy vegetables & fruits! 🙂

New Inverter Linear Compressor– It is a new technology for faster cooling which makes it energy efficient! The coolness is dispersed to every part of the fridge and you have no more hassles in cooling your drinks which you love having chilled!

Look at these yummy fruits and oh! so fresh looking veggies. There were lot of fun activities too there which we bloggers got to enjoy. 🙂

And here is me pretending as if I know the herb which I am holding..No! I don’t even know.. :-p

Thanks L.G for this wonderful opportunity. I hope you keep bringing us such amazing stuff every year 🙂



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