Daytime Makeup Looks Which Work For The Night Party Too!


Daytime Makeup Looks Which Work For The Night Party Too!

Winged Black Eyeliner

Wined Eyes has become the latest current fashion trend that is the most preferable option for a Day Make Up look as well as Night Make Up look. Winged liner is also referred as Cat Eye. It’s classic and catchy at the same time. To create a perfect winged liner, Start by placing the tip of your eyeliner at the inner corner of your eye, along the lash line the gradually swipe it to the outer corner. Retrace this step a couple of times for a wider wing.

Winged INDIA Eyeliner

Shades of Green & Royal Blue-

Shades of Green and Royal Blue are hot favorite and wearable for a day makeup. You can covert yours Green and Royal blue shades into Smokey eyes before night falls. Just smudge it lightly and rim your lids with slightly darker shade of green or royal blue and a hint of shimmer. For extra ounce of hotness coated the lashes with heavy layer of mascara.

Clumpy & Highlighted Cheekbones-

You can highlight your Cheekbones for a day makeup look and can wear it for a night makeup look. Define your cheekbones with a lighter color for a natural look in day and for this you can light blush, light foundation. Make sure to select right color as per your skin tone while doing highlighting. For a night make up look just add a shade darker to get chiseled cheekbones and enhance your appearance and add some drama to your.

Donning Red Lips-

It’s all about finding the right red shade or texture that suits you well. Our daytime makeup is often minimal so you can pop your lips high and make it brighten up even in day make up look by swiping on your favorite red lip. Right red shade can make you immensely feminine and pretty and its look equally great for cocktail parties, evening events. Red lip has always been in trends and top favorite fashion gimmick.

Day Time Makeup Lips That Works For Night Too!

Apply one shade lighter concealer than your foundation. Rub it gently on over blemishes or dark circles and blend with your fingertips. Now take foundation that matches your skin tone and apply it in small dots over the middle part of your face, then blend it out evenly with brush or your fingertips until it covers your entire face. Apply a layer of loose or pressed powder to keep your foundation and concealer intact for hours. Now do your eyebrows next and you can Use powdered eyebrow shadow on brows instead of pencil.

Choose light, medium and dark colors of eye shadow

  • Use the dark shadow to line your upper eyelid, Use the medium shade for the crease area and the lightest shade for the area under the eyebrow. For night make up use some glitter and turn it glossy.
  • Apply black eyeliner & thick layers of mascara to create the magical effect, line the inner corners of the eyes with a black liner; if you are perfect to create a wing liner then you can stretch the line out to create a wing liner look. To brighten up the eyes, apply a thin line of kohl on your lower lash lines. Use can use a hint of black shadow to create a prominent smoky effect, for this use a brush to pat in a black shadow and mark a line on your upper lid and below the lower lid.
  • Highlight your cheeks bones and wear your Perfect Red Lip color.

Have you tried these Makeup Looks?

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