Hollywood Style De-Tan After Sun Face Wash Review



Hollywood Style De-Tan After Sun Face Wash


I came to know about this product few months ago, when my sister ordered it online from Flipkart. By seeing the major ingredients (i.e. Sandalwood and Tea tree) I too was interested in giving it a try.


Hollywood Style De-Tan FaceWash


About Hollywood Style De-Tan After Sun Face Wash:-

An exclusive formula developed for extremely hot weather where strong sunlight and heat can cause serious sunburn, irritation to skin, and permanently darken skin pigmentation. The After Sun Face Wash contains active herbal extracts of refreshing tea tree, cooling sandalwood, brightening chamomile, natural sunscreens and soothing aloe vera. It deep cleanses skin by removing dust, debris, grit and grime while also helping to diminish and neutralize the effects of harsh sun. Lightens overall complexion and improves skin tone, clarity and translucence.

  • Directions: Wet your face. Take an adequate amount of the Hollywood Style De-Tan After Sun Face Wash and lather it up. Apply it on the face and gently massage. Wash off all the lather thoroughly.


Hollywood Face Wash


Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Sandalwood, Tea Tree

Cost      INR 300 for 150 ml


Hollywood After Sun Face Wash


My experience with Hollywood Style De-Tan After Sun Face Wash:

My facial skin tends to get way too oily during summer season so I am searching for the products which can soothe my sebaceous glands for few hours at a stretch!
The fragrance of this product is very light and quite herbal as well. This is a 100% natural product which is a biggest plus point for me. This face wash contains natural SPF sunscreen which is the best asset any face wash can provide. It was like a dream come true for people like me who are way too tired of tanning due to fair skin and still surviving in extreme climate of Delhi. As far as its claims are concerned, that it reduces suntan, clarifies skin and removes impurities, it really stood as per its words. The best feeling is when I apply the product; my face feels so refreshed and smooth. The sandalwood and tea tree leaf oil are boon for the after sun exposure skin.


Hollywood Style AfterSun FaceWash


The freshness it gives is remarkable. After applying it for weeks, I do feel that facial tanning has gone and my skin is undoing the damage it has survived due environmental conditions. The product is made in USA, thus availability can be a problem. However, you may order it online anytime if you feel like giving it a try.


What I like about Hollywood Style De-Tan After Sun Face Wash:-


  • It really made my skin refreshed and clean of impurities due to its natural ingredients like tea tree leaf oil, chamomile, sandalwood, aloe vera etc.
  • I like the herbal fragrance of this product which is very meager and light and is not long lasting. So you will be left with fresh skin without lingering fragrance!
  • It also provides the skin with SPF sunscreen after every wash which is a very good ingredient for fighting tanning of Indian weather
  • It reduces the suntan with regular usage and can soothe the itchiness of the after sun exposure skin due to andalwood and aloe vera.
  • It has lasting cooling effect till 3-4 hours minimum, depending upon your skin type.
  • It is made up of 100 % natural extracts thus safe to use.
  • If you are fighting with facial tanning, give it a try. It is effective.


What I don’t like about Hollywood Style De-Tan After Sun Face Wash:-


  • It might not be that cost effective but is a good option for those fighting with tanning.
  • It doesn’t lather much (which can make us psychologically think that is wont be effective in unclogging pores), but I feel it clears of the skin well.
  • The availability is the major problem; since it’s a made in USA product but online shopping is always an option. 🙂

My overall rating :4.5/5

And I will definitely recommend buying this product if you have a problem of skin tanning because it is a natural solution to get that flawless skin and it also has an inbuilt SPF sunscreen.

Have you tried Hollywood Style De-Tan After Sun Face Wash?


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