Deanne Pandey’s take on fitness(who launched Fitness DVD with Bipasha Basu).


I recently got myself much hyped Bipasha Basu fitness video name”Love yourself”.I have not started following it till yet but I have gone through the CD.It is fantastic and especially for those who like to stay at home and work out.After watching the CD I came to know who Deanne Pandey is.Though Bipasha Basu looks much fit than her but this lady is a well known fitness trainer and is quite an expert too.

I got her interview in Vogue Magazine so thought of sharing it with you people.

What inspired you to leave modelling and become afitness trainer?

I never ever left modelling! I never was a full time model. I was very young when I did modelling and I did it for pocket money. It was never a career option for me. When I was modelling, people would approach me and say ‘wow!’ So I did all the good advertisements then… advertisements that would require a good body… for instance, health drinks! But I never said agreed to wear swimsuits. A lot of people asked me to write on fitness, and that is how it all started; moreover, I eventually got married to a family full of doctors and that is how I was even more inspired and took fitness seriously.

What do training Miss India finalists feel like?

It is not as easy as it feels; they come to you slim and tall, but the younger lot comes with a lot of health issues. No doubt, it is a great feeling… 25 to 30 girls are going to look back to this one month that I trained them and these girls will come to me and tell me that they never had a trainer like me, so eventually it is a great feeling! I give them knowledge, tone them, and individually I go deep into training, which makes everyone happy. They talk about it to others which is a motivation for me, and I give them a lot of health tips and they do learn a lot.

What was your experience withBipasha Basu?

Super! I thought I was a perfectionist and strong in the body and mind, and I finally met my match! Bipasha is strong mentally and physically. She is my friend and it feels so good to see her grow, see her achieve so much… I admire watching her. I thought I took stress to take on projects but she is super! I have seen her work towards her dreams and goals.

What is your fitness DVD all about?

It is about how you have to learn to love yourself¦ where one’s health is concerned, body and mind is concerned. We do 20-30 things in a day as today’s women are very strong and we manage it all! So it’s very important to love yourself; if you cannot spare 25 minutes to exercise you don’t love yourself! Stay fit. Stay healthy!

How did you conceive the idea of this DVD?

Being a fitness expert and travelling all around the world, I picked up DVDs from everywhere. Life is about learning every minute and I always wanted to come up with a fitness DVD but didn’t have the connection to execute it. Bipasha is a good friend and one day while I was sitting with her the idea of a fitness DVD was generated. It took me five months of research and Bipasha was the one who did the execution, she understood everything that I was thinking. Even I learnt a lot from her; Bipasha made me understand that having a Bollywood star involved makes such a lot of difference.

How will the DVD help attain a gorgeous figure?

Today, people in Mumbai get restricted to gymming. In summers, it is very hot and in the rains people don’t know where to go, so the main idea was that when the DVD hits the shelf, people can workout in the house. You can use the DVD when you are travelling, when you are in the house; it is for people who are lazy; it is an easier option for people who don’t have enough money. For people who make an excuse, there’s a 25 minute workout; it’s just about giving 25 minutes of your day to your body and be fit!

What is your advice for a daily exercise regime?

If nothing at least go for a power walk! A 30 min walk, at the least! I am not pushing you for this and some exercise in the house will work too. Do what you like… what you enjoy and be active!

How important is nutrition for a fitness regime?

It’s very important! It’s important to be educated and have the correct meal. Mumbai is a city where people eat late; instead have soups and salads and try not to eat late! Develop a good habit over time, and do it step by step!

Who has the best body in Bollywood; give us tips to achieve that body?

For me, I look beyond having the best body; just having a slim body is not enough. There should be fitness in everything. It’s important to be fit spiritually, fit in the mind. According to me, Akshay Kumar is perfect though I don’t know him much but he is into Martial Arts, not a smoker, not a drinker, not big or fat, and truly fit in mind and body! There’s fitness from every angle, and whatever little that l know of him I truly think he is fit. I also think Dino Morea is fit! He plays sports, does a lot of gymming, eats well, and moreover laughs and jokes and is happy! You should do a variety of training to achieve this; you should know your limit! Don’t be overly obsessed, have a well balanced diet and do short intense workouts; it’s important to strike a balance. We are not machines, we are the best judge of our bodies!





  1. Hi!

    This is an old post to reply but I just got the dvd 3 months back and was a little disappointed. I have tried Jillian Michaels’ dvd and I didn’t find this one very challenging. But I have read Deanne reply to fitness qeuries in ‘Femina’ magazine and she definitely doesn’t seem to babble – I mean she give very informed and balanced views.


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