Deborah Blush Cacao Review & Swatches


 Deborah Blush Cacao – Review, Swatches

Hi All,

I bought this about 3 months earlier when I was on the look out for a brown shade with a matte finish. A had reviewed a blush from the same brand called Rame a couple of months earlier so I knew this was a good brand to go in for. So when I saw this I thought why not? It seems like the perfect brown for gals like me who don’t usually go for such shades…especially since I feel such hues make me look a bit muddy.

deborah blush + cacao

 I initially thought this would be perfect as a bronzer, but later realised it had a reddish tinge to it and hence had to give up that idea. But it still looks gorgeous as a blush 🙂 Additionally, I had also thought this would have a matte finish, but yes this does have tiny shimmer particles, although these are not overwhelming and are hardly visible.

What Deborah Claims:-

  • Brushes on smoothly and stays on – no need to touch up.
  • Stays colour-true all day for a radiantly even and natural look.
  • Hypoallergenic.

12 cacao + deborah milani blush

  • Price:INR575
  • Shades:There are 6 shades mentioned on their website 

My take on the Deborah Milano Blush in 12 Cacao:

  • Packaging:This blush comes in the thick pot form like MAC or NYX but I did feel like these are sturdier than others. There is no mirror (which would have been great) and comes with a slider brush attached at the base. Very travel friendly if I may say so. The blush itself is dome shaped and gives the impression of a baked blush although this is not so.

deborah cacao blush

  • Pigmentation: This shade is amazing pigmented and a very tiny amount is needed during use.

  • Color & Texture: As mentioned above, I thought this would be a brown shade but it is actually has a reddish/rust tinge to it which takes the shade to a different level. Hence, there is no danger of looking muddy or as if you’ve gotten sunburned! It have teeny weeny shimmers but are hardly noticeable although they do provide a fantastic glow to the face.

cacao + deborah blush

The texture is very smooth and is easy to blend. It doesn’t take must effort to do so but one has to be careful while taking the right amount of product to avoid looking overdone.

  •  Staying Power: This blush lasts a long long time. On my cheeks it lasts approx 7hrs and this is the same for even when I wear it out in the sun. Isn’t that awesome?
  • Application: There’s nothing unusual about the application of this blush but I’d just like to stress that the process of dipping the brush in the pot has to be followed by tapping off the excess since its very easy to go overboard with this shade. This can also be used for mild contouring since the reddish tint adds a nice dimension to the face.

brush deborah cacao blush

  • Cost & Availability:I found this blush to be a bit pricey at its original price. For this price they should have included a mirror in the pot as well. However, these are always on discount on online shopping portals so one can bretahe easy ;)Wrt the availability, these are easily available online on, If you would like to check out the shades in person then these are readily available at Pantaloon and a few Shoppers Stop outlets as well.

Swatches of Deborah Milani Blush in 12 Cacao:

cacao blush swatch _  Deborah Milano

 deborah milano blush swatch+cacao

Pros of Deborah Milani Blush in 12 Cacao:

  • Very easy to blend.
  • The reddish tint makes the blush extremely unique.
  • Comes with a brush
  • Hypoallergenic
  • The tiny shimmer particles really do lend a glow to the face without looking OTT.
  • Great for daily wear.
  • Packaging is the most sturdiest of all mono blushes I own.
  • Has a good staying power
  • Has a see-thru top so its easy for us to identify the shade.

Cons of Deborah Milani Blush in 12 Cacao:

  • Wish it had a mirror
  • I find it to be pretty pricey at its original price.
  • Pigmentation: 5/5
  • Packaging: 4.5/
  • Staying Power: 4/5
  • Availability: 4/5

Has anyone tried other Deborah products?

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  1. hw many blushes do u have!! count karke zara batana 😛 i saw dese at pantaloon but was apprehensive never heard of it but nw after such awesome ratings frm our blush queen :king: m gonna check dis out :-))

  2. hey tulips..i do have loads of blushes, but nevounted…sometime fr fun will count 🙂 m thinking f havin a sale sometime of a couple of them 🙂 🙂

    waise u use shades like these tups?

  3. this is so pretty Zara …. the pigmentation is just WOW …. :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
    i have never tried these but will def. try in store and buy online as you said :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

  4. hi anamika,i love wise she :inlove: ,very inspiring for i know mostly home remedies but just lazy to do.after reading blogs in wise she just got a new feeling to takecare of myself.every day i start my laptop and first of all open ur blog to get inspired and to see what i will do today to pamper my self.thank u all for making me more beautiful.keep it up : :beauty:

  5. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: nice shade zanu………………………………. mai ashirwad karti hu ke tumhare blush ki thali bharti jaye……………………………………..

  6. hey sukanya…it luks a bit like that but rest assured its not so..its a luvly rosey brown…an unusual and a pretty unique shade 🙂

  7. hey megs, hw u doin?? Wot plans this weekend?

    I admit i do hav loadsa blishes…m crazy bout them..m nt sure hw many i have but i luv every single one of them fr sure 🙂

  8. A blush from Z that isn’t pink? 😮

    It looks really pretty in the the pan it looked a little blah, but swatches mein I can see a little hint of red and copper.

  9. hey swats…me too dint think much of it initially since it looked kinda mute nd muddy…but after swatching it i realised wot a unique shade it was…

  10. mokp, r u sure such shades make u luk muddy?? U n i seem hav d same kinda skin tone na?? This may luk muddy in the pan but it transfers very prettily on the cheeks..the red tint sorta inffuses the face with color….u shud pakka try swatching it atleast 🙂

    u gt a chambor blush?? Hws it?? Which shade is it??


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