Deborah Glitter eye liner Black 01 Review


Deborah Glitter eye liner-Black-01

I had been searching for a good black liquid glitter eye liner  and then in Urban Touch I saw Deborah glitter eye liner.  Deborah products has never failed me so  I purchased it.


What Deborah Eyeliner Says


Has a metalized base & large glitter particles texture. Allows easy application, precise line, even colour, quick drying &sparkling finish.

  • Price : 525/-INR
  • Urban Touch price: 445/-INR


Deborah Glitter eye liner-Black-01 reviews and swatches


As you can see brush is super thin and can draw fine precision line.


Deborah Glitter eye liner-Black-01 reviews and swatches


Deborah Glitter eyeliner swatches Black 01


Deborah Glitter eye liner-Black swatches


This is how it looks on my eyes 🙂


I have applied it 2-3 times, since in single swipe line is super thin and camera is not catching it well.I thought it will be dark black with glitter particles in it but when  applied  on  my eye there is just a thin silver glitter line.

Whenever I applied liner alone in my eye it looked so weird  :eek:I would like to show you how it looked without the eyeshadow , but camera is not catching it well on bare eyes.

So I am applying it over eye shadow only.


Deborah Glitter eye liner-Black on my eyes


More about Deborah Glitter eyeliner


  • It will stay 5-6 hours w/o primer.
  • If you don’t cleanse it properly with a cleanser beforehand   , on washing it will spread all over face and your face will be full of glitter.
  • Overall this product is a miss for me .(But it is quite personal.) I thought it will be a black color liner with a metallic glow and glitters on it.
  • People who like silver color eye liner might like this. So I am not stating pros and cons here.


I think the price is also on expensive side for a liquid eyeliner, which is not water proof.


Will I buy again?..A big no!!!


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  1. your eyes look so so beautiful girl :):)

    and it is so funny when a black eyeliner turns out silver :rotfl: ..What was brand thinking?

    • haha..don’t tell that..genelia if come to know might commit suicide 😀

      btw mits when can i get new recipe??..put more evening snacks recipe yaar 🙂

      • :rotfl:
        sure Siri I shall do a post soon
        i have already a post in my folder but thats not exactly an evening snack.
        but i shall do that soon


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