Deborah Milano 24 ORE Eyeliner Pen Review & Swatches


Deborah Milano 24 ORE Eyeliner Pen Review & Swatches – Hi everyone! Today I shall be reviewing Deborah Milano 24 ORE Eyeliner Pen.

Sketch eyeliner pens offer a very precise application and are the least-messy of all. The look and feel of sketch eyeliner pens is exactly that of a sketch color and so is the application-precise and accurate. They are the best friends of amateurs. If you don’t know how to perfectly line your eyes with a liquid/pencil eyeliner, just apply sketch eyeliner and go over the same line using your liquid/pencil eyeliner. It will be a guideline for you.

Deborah Milano 24 ORE Eyeliner Pen

Price– INR 400.

About Deborah Milano 24 ORE Eyeliner Pen:

Deborah Milano 24 ORE Eyeliner is a classic liquid eyeliner contained in ground-breaking packaging based on a capillary delivery system. The nylon felt tip ensures that the eyeliner goes on quickly and easily, and the line is absolutely flawless. The smudge-proof, mistake-proof formula dries instantly in an uninterrupted line.

  • Eyeliner pen with a special felt tip.
  • Easy to handle and quick to apply for a flawless line in just one stroke.
  • For a dramatic effect that lasts and lasts.
  • Ophthalmologist tested.

How to apply: Apply to both the upper and lower lash line, starting from the inner corner and sweeping the line about 5 mm beyond the outer corner of your eye.

My experience with Deborah Milano 24 ORE Eyeliner Pen:

I ordered Deborah Milano 24 ORE Eyeliner Pen online and was expecting a bomb product being a Deborah Milano product. Let’s see how it fared out:

Packaging: The packaging is neat, black casing with a typical sketch eyeliner packaging. The pen is travel friendly and quite sturdy. The biggest disappointment is that there is no ingredient list or quantity of product mentioned anywhere, not even on the internet.


Deborah Milano 24 ORE Eyeliner

Quality of the tip: The felt tip is quite great and works very precisely. This is indeed a no-mistake formula and chances of doing wrong reduce due to the felt tip. It does not deform over time.

Finish and pigmentation: The liner dries within seconds and gives a matte finish. The liner is very poorly pigmented and you need 4-5 swipes for a dark color.

Staying Power: The liner stays put for 4-5 hours if NOT touched at all. It doesn’t smudge very easily.


Deborah Milano 24 ORE Eyeliner swatch

24 ORE Eyeliner Deborah Milano

It is a non-waterproof formula and makes me very uncomfortable and conscious at the same time. I use only waterproof cosmetics and I was expecting a waterproof formula at the cost of Rs.400. It is totally unsuitable for oily eyelids and during hot and humid climate. I feel like I totally wasted my money because of the non waterproof thing, otherwise it is a good product. Presently it just sits in my vanity looking at other liners being used by me. I use it seldom just to make myself feel that I have not wasted my money. For those who don’t really want a waterproof thing, it is an average buy.


Deborah Milano Eyeliner 24 ORE

What I like about Deborah Milano 24 ORE Eyeliner Pen:

  • Felt tip is of a very good quality
  • Precise, mistake proof application
  • Classy and travel friendly packaging

What I don’t like about Deborah Milano 24 ORE Eyeliner Pen:

  • Neither Ingredients list nor quantity is mentions anywhere.
  • Costly
  • Non-waterproof formula for such a highly priced product
  • Very poorly pigmented.

Final Verdict: I expect my liners to be jet black and waterproof. This eyeliner pen fails on both the grounds. Except for the quality of the felt tip provided, I find nothing very great about it. It is overpriced for what it can do. A high disappointment for me, at least.

Rating: 2.5/5


  1. Such a disappointment! But I had bad experience with some of their products as well 🙁 especially with the felt tip ones! thanks for such an honest review 🙂

  2. Such a dud….lovely clicks Princa. Wise She is one of those few blogs where we find honest and unbiased review of the products..this one is also one of such reviews.

  3. So suurprised to read these reviews, I bought one two years ago in Spain, it is the most fantastic product. I have used lots of eye make up over the past 30 years and can rate this as the best. I use 03 blue and I am trying to find it aqain on the internet.
    This is really good, cannot understand the reviews.


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