Deborah Milano Black & Long Mascara Review


Deborah Milano Black & Long Mascara

I have a confession to make… I’ve been wearing mascara for more than a decade now but I never take it off completely before I hit the bed. :blush: I’ve never bothered using an eye makeup remover and usually let my regular cleanser do all it can. :lashes: Whatever residue is left of the mascara (and kohl), I care a damn and go to sleep. :yawn: I have never had any issues with this practice so far, even though my eyes are fairly sensitive. But seeing many beauty bloggers and readers diligently removing all traces of eye makeup, I decided it’s about time I put in some extra time before I begin to regret it. :sweat: Or better yet…get myself a mascara that just about any face wash can remove with ease. :shy: I’ve nearly always bought waterproof mascaras but this time I was on the hunt for a washable mascara that looks natural and can be worn to the grocery store. Yes, I like wearing mascara to the grocery store which, by the way, is just downstairs 😛 Okay, that’s another confession! :silly: Let me get to the review quickly before I make any more silly confessions :quiet:

Deborah Milano Black & Long Mascara Review+mascara reviews

About Deborah Milano Black And Long Mascara:-

Mascara formulation for incredibly long and amazingly black lashes. Special Carbon Black makes eyes irresistibly seductive.

  • Quantity: 9ml
  • Price: INR 495
  • Ingredients:


Deborah Milano Black & Long Mascara Review Ingredients+best mascara

  • Shelf-life: 3 years from mfg date. It also indicates that it can be used up to 6 months after opening (refer peel-off label)
  • Packaging: Like most Deborah Milano products, the packaging has an asymmetrical shape. It comes is a glossy black tube with a peel-off sticker that reveals the ingredients list. The highlight of the packaging is the unique shape of the cap. It tapers toward the end, is slimmer at the center and has a rubber-grip with an embossed flower pattern. The rubber-grip makes this very comfortable to hold and gives better control. The tube does not come sealed and the glossy surface is quite prone to scratches. This means that even your brand new mascara could end up looking a bit old (like mine did when I received it :-/). However, the print on the packaging remains intact and does not get rubbed off even after months of usage :yes:

Deborah Milano Black & Long Mascara Review Wand+mascara review

What I like about Deborah Milano Black & Long Mascara:-

  • Travel-friendly and user-friendly packaging
  • Unique-rubber grip on the handle provides good control and is easier to use
  • Bristles are of medium density and coat lashes evenly
  • Tapered wand is easy to use on bottom lashes and inner corner
  • Formula is quite wet enabling easy application without any clumps
  • Since this takes time to dry, it is easy to comb through several times without the mascara getting cakey
  • Gives incredible length to lashes and hence lives up to its name: Black&Long :lashes:
  • Provides mild volume
  • Lightweight texture does not weigh-down lashes
  • Does not clump, flake, transfer or bleed (when untouched by water) and lasts all day until removed
  • After application, lashes feel fairly flexible and not too crispy or hard :yes:
  • Washes off easily with soap and water and does not require a separate eye-makeup remover
  • No discernible fragrance
  • Can be used up to 6 months after opening and does not dry-out inside the tube
  • Ophthalmologically tested and does not irritate eyes (and mine are quite sensitive :shy: )
  • Complete list of ingredients is given

What I don’t like about Deborah Milano Black & Long Mascara:-

  • Formula remains fairly wet after application and takes long to set
  • Not water-resistant and the waterproof variant is not available in India
  • Not for those looking for incredible volume
  • Packaging does not come sealed and starts attracting dust and scratches making it look quite unattractive
  • Availability

Rating: 4.5/5

Deborah Milano Black & Long Mascara Review Eye swaches+best volumizing mascara

Please excuse the messy application. I was in a tearing hurry…as usual 😛

Final Thoughts:

This is a nice mascara for daily-wear since it is easy to apply as well as remove and make lashes seem naturally well-defined. The unique handle design and rubber grip makes this stand out from the rest and is a treat to use. The mascara gives amazing length to lashes and holds a curl fairly well. This is not very volumizing but that’s fine since it doesn’t claim to do so. The formula, however, is not waterproof and gets rubbed off at the slightest touch of water. Hence, it is a complete no-no for monsoons and for those who sweat excessively. Having said that, I’d surely recommend this to beginners since the formula is easy to work with. :yes: And yeah…I found my grocery store mascara! :yippee: 😀

Have you tried Deborah Milano Black & Long Mascara?

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  1. I loved reading your review Naf 🙂 Since today we are in confession zone, I also have a confession to make. I take almost the same amount of time applying mascara as I take to blend my foundation 😛 I am pretty sure, I am the only silly girl who does that 🙁

  2. I toh m such a lazy bum, i don’t put anything on my face except moisturizer..
    If it is office or shopping , den perhaps kajal n gloss. If it is party, den bring it on 😀

    Your grocery wala must be thinking how your eyes look so beautiful Naf 😉

  3. lol! yea right! He always looks so stressed out coz hez usually got no extra staff n its a one-man-show there. The last thing he’d notice wud b my eyes :rotfl: Lucky u Tarun…u must b havin clear skin. I cannot step out wid just moisturizer :-((

  4. I so want tis! It’s perfect for daily wear…naf I wear specs..u tink if I use this, it will get streaks on them since it don’t dry too fast? That’s my nly concern..

    • Hmm…may not be a good idea Zee. Coz if the glasses get moist this cud streak them :-/ Falsies washable one is a bit better in this regard


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